[Updated] Let’s answer a few questions

Editor’s Note: This article previously contained information specific to the 2017 /r/Baseball Trade Deadline Game. That content has been removed (or updated, in the case of dates) and the remaining article is being maintained to answer questions players have asked across multiple iterations of the Trade Deadline Game.

Will I be traded?
This is an absolute and unequivocal yes. Every single player who signs up will be traded. The GMs all work toward that goal and the Office of the Commissioner will do what is necessary (FLASH TRADES!!!1!!) to ensure it happens.

How do GMs evaluate players?
Here’s how we’ve been answering that question in the /r/baseball thread: 
”It’s kind of whatever the GMs decide. Some value post karma, some value comment karma, some don’t pay much attention to either and go on name recognition, some try to get people they know, some look for people/groups they think would be funny to get on their subs. That said, a combination of post and comment karma is probably the best predictor of a player’s value (with no guarantee of accuracy).”

But there’s something missing from that answer. Value within the game is often based on involvement in the game. A player might be a hot commodity during TDG because he or she has come up with some new element to the game or is active in the trade threads while that same person spends the rest of the year contributing very little to his or her home sub.

TL;DR is that it’s not a precise science and, ultimately, at the discretion of the GMs.

How long do I need to spend with my new sub?
We ask that players report to their new subs after trading closes on the evening of July 20th and that they remain with their new teams until the evening of July 27th. Just one week.

Can I still hang out in my old sub?
Yes! You absolutely can. If you’re being a stickler about the spirit of the game, you’d spend time on your old sub as if you’re a fan of your new team. 
But, you guys, it’s a game. We’re doing this to have fun. No one’s going to police your behavior. The goal is for people to experience new subs, meet some new people, have a good time. It’s not to make you no longer a fan of your team (unless you’re a Giants fan. In which case, yes, you absolutely have to convert).

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