FROM THE ARCHIVE: Preliminary Trade Deadline Analytics

Trade Deadline
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2 min readJul 10, 2017


We’re all super excited about the trade deadline game this year — we expect it to be the biggest one yet! To a person like myself, that means one thing: more data.

So I’ve performed some preliminary analysis on the users registered. Granted, we’re still a few hours out from the game starting, so these numbers are bound to increase, but here’s where we stand.

As of right now, we’ve got 1287 users signed up! Here’s how they break down by subreddit:

/r/ChiCubs is currently leading the pack with the most users registered. The karma breakdown is slightly incomplete at the moment, I’ll have those numbers 100% confirmed once the game has started, but as we sit, they have:

Comment Karma:  895790
Post Karma: 161388
Total Karma: 1057178
Mean Karma: 17051
Median Karma: 7926

And the median karma breakdown by subreddit looks something like this:

I’m not sure what they’re doing over there at /r/Buccos, but I support it.

Another fun thing to look at is the No Trade Clauses. By Subreddit:

More fun to look at though, is what we like to call the hate-matrix:

Here you can really see how much the Sox hate the Yankees, the Dodgers hate the Giants, and everyone in the NL Central hates the Cubs.

That’s what I’ve got so far. Stay posted for more updates!