Autospreader Rules

Optimize your quoting and hedging logic with Autospreader Rules. Learn more in this TT Community article. #TTtips

Autospreader has been one of Trading Technologies’ most powerful and popular tools for many, many years. The robust spreading tool has been one of the main features in X_TRADER since the early 2000s.

One of the biggest challenges with Autospreader has been trying to make it intuitive, yet at the same time flexible. In X_TRADER, any time we decided to enhance the behavior of Autospreader, we typically added more and more configurable parameters making it increasingly more complicated to use.

When TT built its new TT platform, we had the opportunity to start from scratch. we were able to improve the design, performance, interface and usability of the professional trading platform, including Autospreader.

We decided to take a different approach with Autospreader. We wanted to make the primary functions of Autospreader — quoting and hedging — very straightforward. For users that just want a basic tool to automate the legging of spreads at a specific price, we built a simple, performant tool to do just that. That’s what most spread traders care about, and this approach allowed us to drastically simplify the interface and improve the usability of Autospreader.

But we also wanted to give traders the flexibility to customize the behavior of Autospreader. Instead of including a bunch of parameters that could tweak the default behaviors of Autospreader in a limited fashion, we decided to create a whole new toolset called Autospreader Rules that allow the users to build their own custom features. There are three basic rule types that can be applied to each leg of a spread:

  • Quoting Order — Allows you to determine how (and if) quote orders are placed by the Autospreader Strategy Engine.
  • Pre-Hedge Order — Allows you to modify or cancel hedge orders before they are sent to the exchange.
  • Post-Hedge Order — Allows you to modify hedge orders after they are sent to the exchange.

Read the complete article in this TT Community post: Autospreader Rules

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