Just Setting Up My T̶w̶t̶t̶r̶ Socials

“Question, how do you distinguish yourself in a population of people who all got 1600 on their SATs?” — Mark Zuckerberg, Social Network. Everyone who has watched the movie remembers this iconic opening scene. So this was my dilemma in Fall 2021, how do we distinguish ourselves from the competition feature-wise, not product-wise, because product-wise was a race to zero. Then I remembered the beginning of my own trading experience. It was a dark and painful beginning. I struggled every day or week to make a profit, only to lose it all the next day or week. The only thing that kept me going was a WhatsApp group of traders where people shared their trading experiences, struggles, and wins. It felt like a community that I could lean on and one day become profitable. After this reflection, I decided it would only make sense to build a bridge in the portal for traders to communicate and develop sub-communities. I didn’t care if traders who accessed this were not paid users or would never convert to paid users. All I wanted to do was build something that replicated my own experience initially.

Talking To Strangers

I met the first person who gave me a real shot at trading in a Whastapp trading community. He was an Italian man called Mikele, a former investment banker and hedge fund manager. From that moment on, I always went through life trying not to have a bias as my breakthrough came from an unconventional story. We are close to 100,000 users, and I hope you all may be connected like I was, creating the start of my journey into the rabbit hole of finance. “La maggior parte di noi ha una predisposizione a dubitare di eventi fuori dall’ordinario”.

Eco Feed?

Eventually, we hope to build a feed that allows respectful debating between traders, sharing of wins, and meeting like-minded people to follow and engage. But for now, we are starting it out as a reactionary feed; users cannot post generic content but can share their portfolio, make polls, vote on polls, and share their watchlist, assets, and wagers on the feed. Users can also search for traders to follow them. Over time as we improve our moderation tools and safety team, we will open up the feed to fulfill an eventual vision.

Pits — Open Outcry?
When a trader places his or her hand across his or her throat, it means that the order’s been canceled or already filled.

I initially introduced pits as groups to our internal team, and Mya pointed out it needed to be called pits to fit with the finance Aesthetic — she was spot on. Our pits vision is simple, allowing users to create and build their sub-communities of like-minded individuals. For now, as we test this creation, users will not be allowed to create their own but rather be split into pits according to their geography. Later as we fix some bugs, get the hang of moderation, we will open it up and allow all users to create their pit.

“Kindly follow back”?

In each branch of the ecosystem, you have a profile — a way to paint your dream digital identity. The fund profile section features your portfolio, posts on the feed, and interactions you’ve had with other users. For users who aren’t comfortable sharing their portfolio with the wild, they can choose aspects to show off your portfolio or hide it altogether. We will be adding the assets tab in the future to allow users to display their minted certificates. Traders with a notable following on other social media can apply for verification.

Looking forward

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”- Robert Browning. My job as CEO is to sell you a vision of an ecosystem where you can do everything you need for finance in one login.

credit No mercy no Malice

I know some of you are excited to see this happen; others don’t know they should care yet and want their MT5 login a few minutes after paying, which is fair. In Q1, we focused mainly on building; Q2 will be filled with more product updates. I could keep writing to sell you more on how soon you can test Bagley to track your login/withdrawal status, but now I would instead show you. I will be active on our socials under @shaunopoku, so please give me a follow.

— — — — — -A ̶M̶a̶r̶k̶ ̶Z̶u̶c̶k̶e̶r̶b̶e̶r̶g̶ Traders Central production — — — — —



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