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Review your year in the ecosystem : Introducing Playback

Consistently beating the markets is challenging; aside from the monetary incentive to generate Alpha, traders also deserve a pat on the back. So on Thursday, we will be introducing playback, a new feature that allows users to tap on their profile photo and view their milestones in the ecosystem throughout 2021.

How to view your playback?

Log into your mobile or web portal; once in, you should see a glowing ring around your profile photo to indicate your playback is ready; tap on it and review your year in the ecosystem.

What to expect in a playback?

For paid users, they will be able to see the number of pairs they traded; their top traded pairs, most gain on a pair and total dollar amount of withdrawals they made. In addition, all users will see the amount of TCT’s they have mined throughout the year. Users can also share their playback across other social media apps and users within the TC Ecosystem.

We’re always listening, and there’s more to come

Our team has been working very hard to build and ship more valuable updates to the ecosystem over the past several months. The first week of January, we will be hosting a community call to introduce these new updates launching early Q1 and teasing on a few updates later in the year. Thank you for helping us decentralize finance in 2021. We can’t wait to do it all again in 2022.



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Shaun Opoku


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