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Introducing TradeStars Unlocking Gems 2.0: IPL Edition!

The TradeStars team celebrates the grand success of the first TradeStars Unlocking Gems campaign that helped our community expand and TradeStars achieve massive recognition. A seven-week run campaign through weekly polls where the community collectively chose one athlete to be unlocked with TradeStars’s contribution every week.

TradeStars and the community successfully unlocked seven brilliant athletes by the end of the first Unlocking Gems season. With a greater level of participation, the community itself completely unlocked the fantasy stocks of Shardul Thakur on the TradeStars app. Besides, other excellent performers — Axar Patel, Shubman Gill, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Sanju Samson, and Krunal Pandya — were unlocked in the following weeks.

With the 2022 IPL season approaching, the TradeStars community is elated and focused on trading in the fantasy stocks of their favorite athletes. To add a spark to this IPL season and boost our community’s excitement level, TradeStars is launching TradeStars Unlocking Gems 2.0: IPL Edition.

You know the drill, yet TradeStars will repeat the rules. Let’s brush up on the idea of the unlocking program first!

TradeStars’ Players Unlock Feature

The fantasy stocks of every athlete remain locked at the TradeStars app at the beginning. No one can trade any fantasy stocks of any athlete until it’s fully unlocked. The community plays a crucial role in unlocking the players on the app that allows participants to trade in their fantasy stocks.

To unlock a new player, the users need to buy the first 10,000 shares of that player’s fantasy stocks first. Anyone in a single transaction can buy from 1% (100 shares) to 10% (1,000 shares) of the stocks, thus contributing to the player’s unlocking.

Contributing to this unlocking brings various other perks for users, like you can get your hands on the first issued stocks of players. You can buy stocks at a low price in the unlock pool, like a reward for adding the initial liquidity. Once the fantasy stocks of the players unlock, the initial listing price starts skyrocketing as per their performance on the field.

IPL 2022 is just around the corner, and the fantasy stocks of some best-performing gems are still locked. Thus, TradeStars again takes the initiative to contribute by 30% in unlocking those gems together with the community.

TradeStars Unlocking Gems 2.0: IPL Edition!

Like the prior season, TradeStars will conduct a Poll every Wednesday on TradeStars Telegram Announcement channel — The Poll will give options on different players to the community. The community needs to vote for the player they prefer to be unlocked. Votings will close every week on Saturday. Following the result of this Poll, TradeStars will unlock the particular player with the maximum votes by 30% more.

If a player is already unlocked beyond 70%, then the remaining unlocking percentage will be carried out by TradeStars. Hence, TradeStars will add 30% to each player’s unlock pool weekly to support the community unlocks more players this IPL season.

For Instance: If a player who wins Poll of the week is 60% already unlocked, TradeStars will unlock that player to 30% more, making it a total of 90% unlocked.

TradeStars prefers to cater to the community as they anticipate; the community’s interest is our top concern. Therefore, we request all to participate in these Polls and help us know which player’s fantasy stocks you would like to unlock each week.

Know more about the TradeStars Unlock Feature HERE

For any help or support, contact us on our Official Telegram Discussion Channel:

So, do not forget! Get ready to Vote for your favorite player every Wednesday, every week! Log in to and start to Trade Fantasy Stocks of your favorite athletes now!

About TradeStars

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game powered by blockchain technology, connecting a DeFi “trading” layer with a DFS “gaming” layer in a play-to-earn model.

Users can trade fantasy stocks representing real-life athletes’ performances, compete against each other in different DFS contests, and earn monetary and digital rewards.

Keep a close eye on the announcement channel for more updates.




TradeStars is Fantasy Stocks Trading platform where users monetize on digital assets that represent athletes’ real-life performances powered by the Ethereum blockchain

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