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Introducing TradeStars Unlocking Gems

The massive success of TCL 1.0 and the TCL 2.0 campaign has left us astonished, and we give all the credits to none but our incredibly supportive community and the hard-working TradeStars team. We thank every participant for joining our TCL series and contributing to its great success!

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game powered by blockchain technology. Connects a DeFi “trading” layer with a DFS “gaming” layer in a play-to-earn model.

Users Trade fantasy stocks that represent real-life athletes’ performances, Compete against each other in different types of DFS contests, and Earn monetary and digital rewards.

The unique gaming platform, TradeStars, takes pleasure in keeping the fun flow alive and thriving in the community. To keep up with the same and cater to your sporty taste, we are back with a brand new and exciting program — TradeStars Unlocking Gems.

As the title suggests, TradeStars will be unlocking your favourite rare and best-performing Gems to unlock the huge benefits.

So what exactly is the TradeStars Unlocking Gems Program?

TradeStars is going to conduct one Poll every Monday on TradeStars Telegram Announcement channel — . Poll votings will close every week on Thursday, and based on which player gets the maximum number of votes, TradeStars will unlock that player to 30% more. And if a player is already unlocked beyond 70%, then the remaining unlocking percentage will be carried out by TradeStars. This way, we help add 30% to one player’s unlock pool every week and have more players unlocked every week.

For example, if a player who wins Poll of the week is 60% already unlocked, TradeStars will unlock that player to 30% more and he will get a total of 90% unlocked.

Since TradeStars values our community the most, that is why we ask them to participate in the polls to help us select and unlock their favourite player’s fantasy stocks every week.

We are confident that TradeStars Unlocking Gems will enhance our engagement with our community and cater to every members’ fun-loving taste efficiently.

So, wait no more and get ready to Vote for your favourite player on Monday of every week!

TradeStars Unlock Feature

TradeStars is a unique Fantasy Sports game, where you can enjoy a host of exciting features which have never been seen before in any other fantasy sports app.

One such feature is the ability to be among the first users to unlock Fantasy Stocks of new athletes!

To unlock a new player, 10,000 shares of that player’s fantasy stocks have to be bought first. You can purchase between 1% (100 shares) to 10% (1,000 shares) of the stocks in a single transaction, and contribute towards its unlocking.

Buying these stocks will be similar to a regular buying transaction, and will ensure that you can get hold of the first issued stocks of the player. Users can buy stocks at their minimum price in the unlock pool, as a reward for providing the initial liquidity to that market.

What incentive do you have for contributing to the unlocking amount?

Apart from the fact that you’ll be helping unlock the fantasy stocks of one of the most exciting athletes in World Cricket today, you’ll also be purchasing them at their minimum price in the unlock pool.

Once any fantasy stock is unlocked, the initial listing price will be higher than the locked price.

Know more about the TradeStars Unlock Feature

For any help or support, contact us on our Official Telegram Discussion Channel:

So go on, log onto , purchase Fantasy Stocks of your favorite players and let your friends know. Remember, some of the hottest Cricketers are waiting to be unlocked on TradeStars.

About TradeStars

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game powered by blockchain technology, connecting a DeFi “trading” layer with a DFS “gaming” layer in a play-to-earn model.

Users can trade fantasy stocks representing real-life athletes’ performances, compete against each other in different DFS contests, and earn monetary and digital rewards.

Keep a close eye on the announcement channel for more updates.

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TradeStars is Fantasy Stocks Trading platform where users monetize on digital assets that represent athletes’ real-life performances powered by the Ethereum blockchain

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