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Roadmap: Catching up with a glimpse into the TradeStars future

Recap from our mainnet launch back in August. New features to come, DFS rewards, Fiat Deposists, Football and more.

DFS Rewards

We are introducing more exciting Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) contests, where you’ll be able to use your sports knowledge not only to create a profit-making portfolio of Fantasy Stocks but also to win exciting daily rewards!

Introducing the Match Centre

We will introduce a “Match Centre” to display a host of information regarding ongoing tournaments and matches. Users will be able to see upcoming matches, current matches, players who will be performing in those matches, and so on.

User Interface Improvement

We have been working round the clock on improving the TradeStars user interface. Some of the updates have already been rolled in, while the others are on their way.

  • Default search order cards account for a certain percentage of unlocks (from 100% to 0%)
  • Improved visualization of List items, half unlocked stocks in Search mode, and Unlock Modal
  • Snippet display of unlock percentage and number of contributors
  • An enhanced visual representation of the current contribution of users
  • Easy access to the referral centre from the hamburger menu now
  • TSX panel for staking

Introducing Football

TradeStars might have started out with Cricket as the sole sport, but we had always planned to include other popular Sports in our roster. Following the overwhelming response to Cricket, we’re excited to add Football as the second sport.

Enabling Fiat Deposits

We’re integrating fiat gateways to the TradeStars platform to further improve the user experience. Till now, users had to purchase TSX from secondary markets and deposit them to their in-game wallet before they could trade Fantasy Stocks. This might have seemed to be a technical barrier of entry for the not too crypto-savvy Sports fan.

About TradeStars

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game powered by blockchain technology, connecting a DeFi “trading” layer with a DFS “gaming” layer in a play-to-earn model.



TradeStars is Fantasy Stocks Trading platform where users monetize on digital assets that represent athletes’ real-life performances powered by the Ethereum blockchain

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