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TradeStars Governance — Where You Decide our Future Direction

Read on to know about how you can participate in the governance of the TradeStars ecosystem and decide the future course of growth of the platform.

We are days away from the TradeStars Mainnet, which will be launched on 28th June, 2021. The Mainnet is a combined result of the passion and perseverance of the TradeStars team, and the love and support of our community members.

TradeStars will be the first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for trading Fantasy Stocks whose values are linked to real life performance statistics of athletes. You will be able to use your sporting knowledge to not only enjoy the thrill of Fantasy Stock trading on the TradeStars DEX, but also invest in stocks of your favourite athletes and earn a range of DeFi benefits.

Today, we are extremely happy to announce the details of the TradeStars ecosystem governance.

We have always taken pride in the fact that our community has been our primary concern in all our decisions related to the development of the TradeStars DEX. Now, we want to hand over this responsibility directly to our community members.

This is the first step towards providing TSX holders the power to decide which direction TradeStars will grow in the Future.

We provide you the tools, and you decide how they shall be used.

TSX, the Gateway to TradeStars Governance

TSX, an ERC-20 compliant digital asset issued on the Ethereum blockchain, is both the utility and the governance token of the TradeStars ecosystem.

Users can stake their USDT equivalent assets in any of the NFT (Fantasy Stocks) Markets and farm TSX proportional to their stake. TSX can then be used to avail a host of other benefits, such as unlocking new NFT markets and participating in the governance of the TradeStars ecosystem.

TSX holders will be able to vote on existing proposals related to the governance of TradeStars. These proposals will deal with different aspects, including (but not limited to)

- Unlocking of new NFT Markets on the Mainnet

- Distribution of rewards and dividends

- Implementation of new features on the TradeStars DEX

- Hosting of Fantasy Contests

Voting on TradeStars

Community members must hold at least 500 TSX tokens in order to possess the power to vote. Every proposal will be subject to a fixed voting period, and any address with voting power can vote on the proposal.

All proposals and votes will be recorded on the Ethereum network. You’ll require a Web3.0 wallet (like Metamask) in order to participate in the TradeStars governance.

Please do keep in mind that since our governance portal is on the Ethereum mainnet, the TSX that you hold in your wallet must be ERC-20 TSX tokens on the Ethereum blockchain for them to be counted towards voting.

If you’ve purchased TSX from PancakeSwap, then those tokens are on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and won’t count towards the TSX that is required to be eligible to vote on governance proposals.

If you don’t hold TSX yet, you can buy on Uniswap here:

If you have TSX on the BSC network, you can use the Poly Bridge to migrate them to the ETH network and then vote:

To start off the process, TradeStars users will be able to vote and select which players’ Fantasy Stocks (NFT Markets) they want pre-unlocked on TradeStars DEX as the Mainnet launches. Going ahead, all such decisions will be decided through community voting.

The first three governance proposals are already live now. Please visit this link to vote on proposals:

From everyone in the TradeStars team, we would like to sincerely thank you all for your constant support. Together, we will usher in a new era of Fantasy Sports Trading.

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