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TradeStars Rewind: A Throwback to Our Milestones

In a short span of time, TradeStars has been able to achieve remarkable milestones, all thanks to our ever-supportive community. We found many things to rejoice for — extensive coverage of the project, an increasing and bustling community and users, mentions, partnerships and so much more!

Here’s a quick rewind of how things unfolded for TradeStars in the past year:

First of all, we want to thank our wonderful community, now 85K+ strong on Telegram and 70K+ strong on Twitter! We truly couldn’t have done this without your constant support. Hence, we will continue to strive hard to keep prioritising the needs of our community at all times and at every step of our journey.

Launches and Updates

TradeStars Mainnet Launch: Our much-anticipated TradeStars Mainnet, “The Olympic Torch,” went LIVE with a host of exciting features for the community and a whole 134 international players available for trade! Read more.

Then followed by our unique Referral Program launch, where once a user’s friend registers into the platform using their unique code, it becomes their forever referral. The friend’s first deposit can thus help earn up to 10% of the deposit amount as the user’s referral bonus. And that’s not it! As we love competitions, the referral program also allows users to win an additional 15% of the total amount collected monthly, if they make it into the top positions in the leaderboard. Read more.

Multichain TSX Deposits: With this development, we enabled users to now directly deposit $TSX from ETH, BSC & Polygon chains on the through Metamask, Coin98 wallet, WalletConnect! Users now no longer have to bridge their tokens from BSC/ETH to the Polygon chain to make deposits! Read more.

TSX Staking Program: This development was an important step in our ultimate goal of entrusting the development of the TradeStars ecosystem in the hands of our community members. Staking is a way to reward our community members who are with us for the long haul and show their support by locking up their TSX tokens. Till now over 5.6M TSX tokens have been staked on the platform and current APR is over 77%. In the future, staking TSX will be required to secure voting rights over issues related to platform development and usage of the company reserve. Read more.

Fiat Deposits LIVE: With this development, users can now trade Fantasy Stocks on TradeStars directly by depositing fiat currencies to their TradeStars account. The integration of fiat gateways will simplify our existing users to trade Fantasy Stocks and encourage non-crypto savvy sports fans to join in. Read more.

Partnership Developments

TradeStars x WalletConnect: TradeStars integrated with WalletConnect, an open-source protocol for connecting DApps (decentralised applications) to mobile wallets. With the WalletConnect integration, users can now deposit and withdraw TSX into their TradeStars account using a mobile wallet of their choice. WalletConnect supports a wide range of popular and reputed cryptocurrency wallets, including Trust Wallet, Coinomi, Infinito, etc. Read more.

TradeStars x Coin98 Wallet: This partnership between TradeStars and Coin98 Wallet will augment TradeStars’ reach to cater to the Global Fantasy Sports fans. With this development, we are accessing a huge community. Users can connect their Coin98 Mobile or Extension Wallet to trade on TradeStars, benefiting the users in multiple other ways in the future as well. Read more.

TradeStars x Poly Network: TradeStars created a strategic alliance with Poly Network to enable token interoperability by allowing users to bridge $TSX from Ethereum to BSC and other blockchains. Their tool provides a one-click operation that is as simple as it can be. Read more.

TradeStars x Transak: TradeStars formed a partnership with Transak to provide fiat gateways through which users can directly deposit any of the supported fiat currencies into their TradeStars wallet and purchase TSX. The TSX can then be used to trade Fantasy Stocks as usual. Read more.

All this, and we are just beginning! Since we are continuously listening to the needs of our community, we will regularly be up and about with more exciting features updates and more!

🧑‍💻 Trade Fantasy Stocks of Your Favorite Athletes on

About TradeStars

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game powered by blockchain technology. Connects a DeFi “trading” layer with a DFS “gaming” layer in a play-to-earn model.

Users Trade fantasy stocks that represent real-life athletes’ performances, Compete against each other in different types of DFS contests, and Earn monetary and digital rewards.

Keep a close eye on the announcement channel for more updates.

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TradeStars is Fantasy Stocks Trading platform where users monetize on digital assets that represent athletes’ real-life performances powered by the Ethereum blockchain

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