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TradeStars Trading Competition: Join, Trade & Win Rare NFTs

TradeStars, the most trusted and the first Fantasy Stocks Trading platform on the blockchain using Fractional NFTs + DeFi Gamification, is thrilled to bring an irresistibly amazing one-time trading opportunity. We are launching a brand new Trading Competition through which participants can earn rare & unique Olympic Torch NFTs (Gold, Silver & Bronze) along with $TSX tokens that are being released as rewards in this competition.

Why is TradeStars the Best?

Almost everyone loves to play or watch sports. But have you ever thought about monetizing your sports knowledge? TradeStars is a Fantasy Stocks Trading platform that allows you to cash in on your sports knowledge. You can trade the fantasy stocks of your favourite athletes, and as they perform well, you earn in bulk. Isn’t it exciting? We are allowing you a great trading opportunity with unique rewards through this latest trading competition.

Join TradeStars today to learn about the platform, trading on fantasy stock, and more to start trading with us in an instant.

Do You Want to Learn More about the Trading Competition?

Scroll down and note the details to grab the unique and rare rewards:

  • Program Duration: September 26th to October 26th, 2021
  • Winners announcement: Winners’ names will be announced within 7 days after the competition ends.

Rewards: Access our rare & unique Olympic Torch NFTs (Gold, Silver & Bronze); each NFT comes with TSX tokens:

🥇GOLD: 500 TSX



And guess what, all the NFT winners will get their transaction fee back as well for the time period the TradeStars NFT Trading Competition runs.

You have a one-month long duration to participate in the TradeStars Trading Competition. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down, grab the details, and start trading now!

Rules of Participation

Category 1: Maximum Value Transaction

Users with the maximum value transaction in total in terms of TSX on the will have an opportunity to win. Example: If user “A” does the 5 transactions worth 2000 TSX each then the transaction value of user “A” will be total 10,000 TSX and if user “B” does the value Transaction of total worth 9,000 TSX then the user “A” will be the winner.

Category 2: Maximum Percentage Gains

Users with maximum percentage gains will have an opportunity to win.

Category 3: Maximum Number of Player Unlocks

Users who participate in the maximum number of player unlocks will have an opportunity to win.

We will also select 7 additional winners in each category who will share from a prize pool of 6000 $TSX tokens!

In total, 9 NFT winners — top 3 in each category and 21 winners for $TSX rewards will share a reward pool of 6000 $TSX tokens.

Do not wait for the last-minute rush and step ahead to the TradeStars Trading Competition now!

Check out the TradeStars Trading Competition Terms & Conditions.

All the best!

For any help & support, reach out to us through our Official Discussion Channel on telegram:

Trade Fantasy Stocks of your favourite athletes on

About TradeStars

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports platform powered by the Ethereum and Matic layer 2 blockchains where users can trade digital assets that represent real-life events and performances. A new way in which people can express their passion for sports, compete against each other with true digital ownership, transparency, liquidity and decentralization.

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TradeStars is Fantasy Stocks Trading platform where users monetize on digital assets that represent athletes’ real-life performances powered by the Ethereum blockchain

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