Subcontractor profile, exportable reports, and more in TradeTapp 6

Last week we announced our latest release, version 6, which included the long awaited subcontractor profile view. To be honest, we’ve been dying to get this into the hands of our users probably more than any other feature we’ve released to date. From a product perspective, the profile represents a major step forward in automating the analysis process for subcontractor selection, removing the middle man, and modernizing the workflow from end to end. The profile is a hub for everything a GC/CM has collected about their subcontractors, including complete analysis and evaluation of risk. It’s is a huge milestone for our team and product, so let’s check out what it looks like:

Once a submission is made by an invited subcontractor, a new option to Create Profile becomes available.

The profile landing page is a summary of benchmarking results, single and aggregate contract recommendations, and other key metrics that drive decisions.

Profile Page: Top

We believe the best way to identify trends is visually, so we built a handful of responsive charts to demonstrate the company’s performance over time — trending performance. We recognize that having a clear picture of the direction a company is headed can greatly influence the decision to engage with them on a particular project.

Profile Page: Bottom

Of course, we needed to pull in the information collected via the vendor questionnaire. With all of the information available in a single place, the evaluation and decision process is more efficiently spent on analysis rather than compiling or chasing information.

Tabbing through the subcontractor profile

We provide detailed benchmarking results which show the relative performance in each financial metric against similar companies. This helps highlight the particular strengths or weaknesses driving overall financial performance. The colors indicate how high or low the value ranks versus their peers, along a bell-curve benchmarking model.

Financial benchmarking analysis

We’ve made it simple to toggle between analysis and raw data — a simpler way to identify what’s worth investigating deeper and applying judgement.

Tab between calculations and raw data

The complete analysis report is available on demand and can be downloaded to a PDF with a click of a button.

Downloading the analysis report

This is the culmination of a lot of hard work, but it’s still only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the change we want to continue to bring to the subcontract selection process. With a subcontractor profile in TradeTapp, gone are the spreadsheets, paperwork, and local directories to sift through, and in their place is a single hub for all of the information and analysis necessary to drive decisions.

Other Improvements:

As always, we’re making enhancements per some of the amazing feedback we get from our users. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Admin screen for customizing analysis model
  • Vendor data renewal workflow
  • Improvements to Financial Input workflow
  • Improvements to live chat support
  • Vendor Form enhancements

If you’re interested in learning more about TradeTapp’s pricing, our progress, or just want to say hey please reach out to us at