BTC Portfolio Manager Bot August Update

Here we are! After a month of continuous trading we have pretty decent results to show you!

TLDR; we have made 20% profit in approximately 27 days which equals to 0.74% daily profit in the spot market.

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend anyone to follow what we are doing. This is merely for an experiment purposes and demonstration purposes for those who are interested in using our portfolio manager bot.


Portfolio Start

We started with overall 2 BTC balance. 1.3 BTC invested in selected coins and kept 0.7 BTC in the reserves.

Current Portfolio

Total Profit: 20% or 0.3976 BTC

Profit Breakdown

Overall, the bot has executed 720 trades in the past month. We have had 322 sells and 298 buys. You can see the buys below and we will breakdown the sells right after.

So, the buys don’t really affect the profitability. However, sells effect the profit. Our trade amount is 0.001 BTC per trade and we rebalance at 1%. Therefore, we can calculate that each sell we make is 1% profit on the trade size which is 0.001 BTC. Now, let’s look at the sells.

We have had 322 sells. Therefore, we can easily calculate that we have made 322 * (0.001 * 0.01) = 0.00322 BTC from buying and selling.

We do also profit from the overall coin’s value going up and portfolio’s worth increasing. However, that’s more out of the control of the bot but the timing of the trader.


Overall, the bot as well as the market have performed quite well. It yield decent profits but it is important to keep in mind that Bitcoin dominance may start climbing and alts may bleed hard. Therefore, we will take our 0.4 BTC profit and let the initial investment run.
Stay tuned for future updates!

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