BTC Portfolio Manager Bot Experiment

On Aug 3rd, we have finished the final testing stage of our portfolio manager bot. So, we have decided to deploy it live with a significant sum of BTC. To be exact, for this experiment we have allocated 2 BTC into the portfolio. The goal is to continuously buying when there are dips and slowly selling along the pumps in order to increase my BTC stack that I started with. All the trades are in the spot BTC market

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend anyone to follow what we are doing. This is merely for an experiment purposes and demonstration purposes for those who are interested in using our portfolio manager bot.

1- Our balance is 2 BTC

2- The bot will invest 1.3 BTC into alt coins and keep 0.7 BTC as reserve in case market drops so we can buy the dips

3- We have allocated the exact amount 7.7% of our portfolio to each of the coins that we will list below

4- The portfolio will rebalance itself every time a coin moves 1% in either direction.

Coins in the portfolio

BTC — Bitcoin is in the portfolio as the reserve currency, 0.7 BTC kept in reserves

KAVA — The dark horse in the portfolio, purchase price is 0.00021901 BTC for a total of 0.1 BTC

LTC — Big and safe large cap, usually pumps at every alt coin cycle with others, purchase price is 0.005205 BTC for a total of 0.1 BTC

LINK — Biggest oracle project, lots of partnerships and strong community, purchase price is 0.00082781 BTC for a total of 0.1 BTC

ETH — Biggest alt coin, Staking is coming, ETH 2.0 is coming, DeFi is on fire, purchase price is 0.034460 BTC for a total of 0.1 BTC

BAT — Brave Browser will be big when the next bull market comes, currently pretty underpriced; purchase price is 0.00002240 BTC for a total of 0.1 BTC

XTZ — Staking at coinbase will attract users also has a big community, purchased at 0.0002748 BTC for 0.1 BTC in total

NEO — Old large cap, should pump with the next cycle since its so far away from its ATH, purchase price is 0.001115 BTC for a total of 0.1 BTC

ATOM — it will follow LINK and XTZ, has a new blockchain tech and projects are building it on it, also good staking percentage on Binance, purchase price is 0.0003442 BTC

ALGO — Great team, good staking rates, listed on big exchanges, has a big shill community, 0.00002747 BTC is purchase price for a total of 0.1 BTC

EOS — Currently underperforming heavily, listed on most derivatives exchange, should reclaim its spot in top 10 again, 0.0002713 BTC price for 0.1 BTC in total

BNB — Fee discount, good utility, big exchange behind it, CZ will pump it, 0.0019624 BTC for a total of 0.1 BTC

MKR — Backbone of DeFi, DAI will surge in demand so Maker too, 0.053531 BTC for 0.1 BTC in total

FTT — Best exchange utility token, Alameda research is no joke, should compete with BNB price in the near future, 0.0003177 BTC for 0.1 BTC in total

Here are the pictures of my purchases for reference

Each of these coins make up 7.7% of my 1.3 BTC portfolio. However, since I have deposited 2 BTC, I will make my profit calculations off of 2 BTC. Some of these coins will perform better than others and some will probably dip a lot before coming back up. Therefore, I am keeping 0.7 BTC in case they drop significantly.

My goal is to increase the value of my portfolio above 2 BTC and try to keep my reserves above 0.7 BTC.

We aim to hold this portfolio for 6 months first and re-evaluate the market.

We will share results and updates either weekly or monthly depending on the moves and changes in the portfolio.

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