Is Gas Stronger Than WTI Oil?

Oil’s trading range may fluctuate for the remainder of 2016. Russia war plans dropped weapons into Syria from Iran. This escalates existing violence and damage energy infrastructure to the point of shutting in production. Turmoil has increased. Storage numbers climbed. There is decreased demand for crude oil. It is almost the end of summer and oil demand drops with the end of summer. Vitol is a great company for seasoned commodity advice.
 Many predictions for significantly lower oil prices surface as summer ends. Supply issues may govern and Middle Eastern oil field production may drop. Recent air attacks on Libya widen the area of impact for increased stress and war. Market expansion in Mexico supports decent oil prices. Financial collapse in Venezuela reduces energy demand.

How does Middle Eastern conflict intertwine with slowing global demand, lower revenue, and falling medium and long-term bond rates? The currency market shows volatility and forecasts are undependable due to a lack of negative interest rate markets historical data. The USA has announced there are no plans for negative interest rates and interest rate yields have slightly risen.
The recent higher oil price increased the desire of investors to approve new drilling budget increases for Marcellus Shale. Several billion dollars for the 2016’s Marcellus drilling budget is back on the table. Companies react quickly to higher prices with drilling budget allocations. The natural gas numbers are slightly stronger than oil at the present time. Hedging gas over oil seems like a decent guess. Oil numbers for Jan 2017 and Dec 2017 appear low.
 Recent movement produced a twenty percent higher move for natural gas than oil. This is not huge in this tight market. Brent is $49.22 per Barrel moving slightly lower in a narrow range, and natural gas’s movement appears similar in direction, but less painful. It fell to $2.86 per MMbtu. Storage is the magic eight ball. 
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