Trading Jenga: BitCoin Trading

BitCoin is truly a perplexing new monetary product or currency. Have you ever wanted to understand something and were not sure where to begin? This new coin looks a bit scary. It is polished and shiny, but many questions dance around its resting point. A currency which is under the table and high in the sky. It is produced in several locations and its accumulation lacks definition.

Who buys BitCoin , what does it buy, and where is it hoarded?

When Goldman Sachs is involved in a product in any way, small or large, Pay Attention.

If any product becomes controlled in a single country or part of the globe, ask questions about the ownership and use. The country in question appears to be China, but this may be deceptive.

Is it a problem when China buys 50% to 75% of a single item? The after-purchase period for BitCoin is a trail of Starbucks or train receipts. It is impossible to know if the currency is dispersed or held tightly. If privacy for purchases is the basis for BitCoin, this continues to be the case. Are large parts of BitCoin re-routed to London, Milan, or Tokyo? The Washington solution could be tariffs. This legal procedure will not be productive for BitCoin. This new product or currency will simply go to the place of least resistance with the best-developed marketplace.

BitCoin is an actively traded product. It does not have a place on the formal exchanges. It is a new, rather than a blacklisted product. Have you ever met anyone ahead on their time? This is BitCoin in many areas. The tech world has usurped the privacy of most citizens, and BitCoin is a way to regain privacy. The initial market to list BitCoin formally could be Russia or Singapore. It is an early guess and could head into London.

This is a new coin and trades in markets that you may never understand or be able to access. Some countries deny accounts to American citizens and American financial institutions do not handle clients with passports from a few specific countries. This seemed to evolve after 9–11 and new banking, currency, and securities laws went into effect around the globe. These changes were also associated with money laundering issues.

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