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Trading Tent: Trade Cardano Assets Live, Instantly, and in a Single Transaction

Somewhere in Fort Gotten, lies the trading Tent.

Not only as the creators of Fort Gotten but as collectors ourselves, we have noticed that some key aspects of collecting are still missing in the Cardano Ecosystem. The whole idea behind Blockchain technology is to remove the need for a middle man to a minimum, to have instantly verified transactions between 2 parties.

In part, buying, selling, and trading Cardano Assets is still missing that. Thankfully, smart contract-based marketplaces like the JPG Store are pushing the buying and selling aspect forward, but there is still a key missing piece: trading.

For the moment, if you want to trade assets with another user, you either have to blindly trust the other party involved or introduce a third party to mediate the trade, one you have to also trust, and who will charge a fraction of the transaction.

This is why Tent was born: Tent allows 2 users to exchange any Native Cardano Asset in a single transaction: live and instantly. All happening in a secure environment made possible by Cardano’s eUTXO model and multi-signature transactions.

Trade any Cardano Asset live and instantly.

What does that mean? With Tent you can trade NFT, tokens, and/or ADA between 2 wallets in real-time, instantly, and automatically. Want to trade some $Hosky for a Yummi? Open a Tent. Want to exchange Fort Gotten Kidz to make up your squad? Open a Tent. Want to buy an Ore Ore Ore privately, without listing it up on a Marketplace? Open a Tent. Live, securely, automatically.

All you need to do is Open a Tent using Nami and share the link.

Live test between two Nami Wallets

🔓You can trade without Locking your Assets.

⏱️It’s instant. The only waiting you’ll do is the transaction confirmations.

🔐️ It’s Secure. Only until both parties agree on what they’re trading and confirm by signing with Nami.

✅ You can stay safe from bad actors. We’ll have Verified Policy ID’s from the Top traded projects on Cardano.

⚖️ Honor royalties, as intended by assets creators when the trade is between Assets of the same policies and Ada.

How does it work?

1. Open & Share the Tent

Go to and connect with Nami. You’ll be able to open a tent and share the link with anyone you’d like to trade with.

2. Select the Assets

You can choose to trade ADA and/or any asset (NFT or Fungible Token). Everyone has a live preview of the selected assets and can agree when satisfied. You can also check the Policy ID by clicking the Token.

3. Approve & Confirm

Each party then confirms the transaction and signs it with Nami. After both parties have signed, the transaction is submitted to the blockchain.

You’ve successfully traded assets!

You can check the transaction on the blockchain and on your wallet.

Early-stage screenshot of fully functional trade on MainNet

Public Launch

All the testing we’ve done internally has turned out great, so we’re expecting to move quickly, but you all know how that usually goes. While the product is already in a 100% working state, we’re still polishing and deciding a lot of the final details for the public release.

We’ll be sharing progress over at Discord and Twitter, so be on the lookout for any news there!

Most likely after the closed tests we’ll be conducting in the upcoming weeks, the next step will be a whitelisted beta. If you’re interested to participate, be sure to join the Discord.

Information regarding pricing, project/policy verification, and further details will be shared soon as we move forward!

Closing Words

We’re really excited and can’t wait to open this up to the public, and hope you can join us to do so! Finally, if you hadn’t noticed, this project was developed by the same team behind Fort Gotten ☁️📡☁️. So, we’ll have special perks for our NFT holders when we go live.

Thank you for your interest and for reading!

The Fort Gotten Team 🏕️

Sam, Robbur, Arnecke & Astro.



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