Aussie Government Mandates 100% Reusable or Recycled Packaging by 2025

John Forfar
Apr 28, 2018 · 3 min read

Another day, another recycling crisis headline for Australia.

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On Friday, the 27th April 2018, the Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg announced that the way out of Australia’s “Recycling Crisis” is to mandate that all packaging be sustainable by 2025. Other others proposed included “waste to energy” projects along with assistance for onshore processing facility investment and innovative product design incentives.

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Of course, this series of events is the result of China implementing strict guidelines on the quality and types of waste that it can import.

Read more on the China Ban and the chaos it is creating across the globe…

This Government reaction follows another national news story with the Queensland Council of Ipswich sending recycling bin waste straight to landfill, due to recycled material contamination and the recent China import ban.

Key facts to take from the article include:

  • This recycling crisis is an opportunity
  • 3.5% of household recycling was exported to China in 2017
  • Of that, 29% was of all paper, and 36% was of all plastics
  • Typical contamination rates of recycled waste was 6% to 10%, where the China requirements now stipulate 0.5%
  • Recycling strategies varied across Australia, such as the successful South Australia approach with a container deposit scheme, and the less effective New South Wales “Return and Earn” scheme.
  • We are losing natural resources when the waste goes to landfill or gets incinerated
  • Councils across Australia have to pay for recycling, however if Australia gets smarter at managing their own waste, the costs will fall.
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How to Solve this National Recycling Crisis?

We need to embrace the concepts of the Circular Economy and start to move towards 100% recycling and 0% waste.

We need to start thinking before buying stuff, and look for products made from 100% sourced recycled materials.

What is Tradr doing about this?

We are about to launch our platform that will help local communities around Australia track their waste material flows, make recycling centres more efficient, and encourage people to purchase recycled material sourced products.

Stay tuned !


Sustainable Waste Economy

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