Our Crowdfunding Campaign is Now LIVE! and at 11% — Help Us Track the War on Waste and fund our pilot!

John Forfar
Oct 14, 2018 · 4 min read

On Thursday night Tradr presented at Pitch for Good in Perth Town Hall! This was the start of our one month long crowdfunding campaign, where we aim to raise funds to help build the pilot for our waste tracking platform that will bring transparency to the waste industry.

Tradr presenting at Pitch for Good at Perth Town Hall on the 11th Oct 2018

So What’s the Problem?

Craig Reucassel has done a brilliant job of bringing the Australian Waste Crisis to the front of people’s minds in Australia over the past year.

If you haven’t watched his ABC documentary , then please, go and watch it for free !

Through the use of GPS tracking technology, Craig was able to show Australians across the country exactly where it’s waste goes. Does it go to landfill, does it get recycled?

One particularly recent case, where LCD’s monitors were GPS tracked, found that 5% of Australia’s electronic waste actually gets exported offshore to developing countries. One particular example, was sent to Thailand to be burnt in the open air, with toxic fumes bellowing across rice fields and mango farms. This is Australia’s problem, and has been sent to countries that can’t afford to setup multi-million dollar processing plants to process this waste correctly.

Now it’s over there causing all sorts of health issues such as lead & mercury poisoning, not too mention the release of toxic fumes in the air. As per , the chemicals released are . All very bad stuff, pretty much the worst known chemical known by science to effect humans.

So What’s That Got to Do with Australians?

Well, if you’re still not following, let’s bring it closer to home.

’s are the highest polluter per person in all of Australia.

And the problem is not going away, with waste generation growing 5 times faster than population growth.

How is Tradr Going to Solve it?

As demonstrated by Craig Reucassel, it is possible to bring change through awareness using technology and real data. We are just taking that approach and putting it into overdrive.

The Tradr platform with integrate the latest smart supply chain scanners & sensors, such as RFID tags, fume, heat, vibration & temperature sensors, with blockchain which will ensure that the data cannot be tampered with, is securely stored and 100% immutable and verifiable.

We have pilots ready to roll for recycling centres, local councils and hazardous waste companies, we just need funding to get these launched. Our clients all believe in the same thing, to see industry best practice in data collection, auditing, reporting & monitoring.

Thanks to all the supporters, businesses that pitched and the organisers Impact Seed, Start Some Good & City of Perth.

What Can You do to Help Tradr Track the War on Waste?

Make a contribution over at our and your can get some cool Tradr swag along with helping get refurbished MacBooks & iPads out to local charities in need. (More info on charities to be announced!)

Get over to Start Some Good and Make a Pledge Below!

Thanks for your support!

Tradr Team


Sustainable Waste Economy

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