Our “Pitch for Good” Crowdfunding Campaign Starts in October!

Tradr will be pitching on Thursday, October 11th, 2018 at the Perth Town Hall between 6:00 PM — 9:00 PM AWST

During the month of October we will be running a crowdfunding campaign on the StartSomeGood social enterprise crowdfunding platform.

Please follow our social media accounts and spread the word!

Impact Seed Write-up:

Our third finalist for WA’s first Pitch for Good Perth — a live crowdfunding event. Tradr.com is a Perth-based social enterprise enabling tracking, and reprocessing of waste across our communities.

John Forfar founded Tradr with a vision to accelerate our transition to sustainable consumption and production. Tradr’s blockchain-based platform is a world-first that enables stakeholders throughout the waste supply chain — from consumers, councils, government, and waste recyclers — to track, manage and ultimately enable the reprocessing of all waste, including mixed paper and plastics that have become such a visible and serious problem for our communities and the global environment.

Using blockchain & RFID/GPS sensor technology Tradr’s platform will drive local reuse and recycling to decrease waste that is illegally dumped or sent to landfill and accelerate the transition to a circular economy through awareness, education and provenance.

Book now for WA’s very first Pitch for Good. $30 buys you 3 x $10 voting chips, a feed, and an awesome evening of pitches where YOU decide who gets funded. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pitch-for-good-perth-tickets-4… #SDG12 #circulareconomy #recycling #tradr#WarOnWasteAU


Sustainable Waste Economy

John Forfar

Written by

ceo at tradr.com



Sustainable Waste Economy

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