Sustainable Product Spotlight — Adidas Shoes made from Sea Plastic

In mid-2017 Adidas released 3 editions of their popular UltraBoost running shoes. All of the material used to make these great looking shoes was sourced from floating debris found in the ocean. This is a great example of a producer collaborating with the environmental organisation “Parley for the Oceans” to produce something improves our environment.

Each pair of Adidas Parley shoes use 11 plastic bottles, with the Sustainable Producer’s goal to sell 1 millions pairs of shoes from recycled materials in 2017. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate virgin plastic from the entire Adidas supply chain.

Our Tradr marketplace will work with sustainable producers to ensure products that have been created for minimal environment impact are embraced!

It’s a Big Problem that Sustainable Consumption and Production will Fix!

Did you know that 1 dump truck worth of rubbish is thrown into the ocean every minute?

In total, 136 billion milk jugs get dumped into the ocean each year, so it is smart to turn this trash into a manufacturing resource.

How did they turn trash into treasure?

They collected bottles and packaging from the ocean, reprocessed it into a new textile. 95% of the shoe is made from these ocean discover materials, with 5% from recycled polyester. Every part of the shoe is recycled.

“At this point, it’s no longer just about raising awareness. It’s about taking action and implementing strategies that can end the cycle of plastic pollution for good. Eco-innovation is an open playing field.”

Cyrill Gutsch, founder of Parley for the Oceans

Great to look at and Great for Planet Earth too!

Check out the Adidas UltraBoost Uncaged Parley running shoes over on the Adidas website

We can’t wait to show you more products that embrace Sustainable Consumption and Production — stay tuned !

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