If You Excitedly Practice This, You’re Likely A Top Performer

Top performers get excited to share knowledge in order to spread it so others can learn from them.

They don’t just learn to learn, they teach to learn no matter what the context.

Their high level impulse for knowledge makes not sharing a lesson unfathomable no matter what it may be.

I realized this as I was boarding a plane from SF to Seattle today and caught myself sharing an experience I was having about an insurance company of all things.

A fire had erupted at a property I own and the home was destroyed.

The insurance company we work with (Travelers) has been exceptional, and they walked me through the entire process and are moving fast.

I haven’t had to follow up, ensure they get everything done, or anything really.

They’ve just been running with the ball and exceeding expectations.

I got especially excited about this particular experience because as much as most every home owner has home insurance, they rarely use it because fires are generally rare so I feel like this experience specifically could provide a lot of insight that many won’t (thankfully) have the opportunity to experience.

So we were boarding the plane, and had some time in the tarmac so I began telling the woman in front of me a story.

A story of the fire and insurance company.

She told me “thanks for sharing, you seem pretty excited for someone who just had a home burn down.”

I realized how much I valued learning and sharing knowledge.

How much value do you place on acquiring knowledge?

How much value do you place on sharing it with others to uplift as many people as possible, whether it’s your organization or your team or family?

Voracious learning and a culture of personal growth is the foundation for a high performing individual and organization.

Challenge yourself to excitedly uplift those around you by sharing what you learn and watch what happens.