🚀 How to 2x the sales value of your existing audience 🚀

(n.b. this is far easier than trying to get new customers)

1) Send more emails to your mailing list

2) Do more money posts e.g. on social — My mentor Dexter taught me “Find a way to ask for/make money EVERY.SINGLE.DAY” e.g. re-shout out an old book, launch a new webinar, give a discounted one-off coaching call, there’s always a way, especially someone with a large network like you — As Dan says, you WANT people to unfollow/unsubscribe for you talking too much, the people who leave will never buy from you, those who stay love you

3) Hire a Conversion Rate Optimisation specialist for one hour to walk through all your systems and find the leaks in the bucket

4) Tweak prices up and down and see how it affects conversion

5) ASK your audience more questions about what they actually want/what they use right now

6) Test different markets — It is normally the market, not the product, that is the problem

7) Read how Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham etc dealt with, found, and made clients love them via the notes on My Note Taking Nerd.com — This has taught me more than anything else on how to get and retain big clients

8) Give customers free bonuses IMMEDAITELY after purchase, and onbaord them so they love you in a high-touch way

9) Send them physical gifts for higher-ticket people — amazing goodwill

10) Obsess over customer service — get back to people quickly, upsell them if things are going well, etc

What are your top tips? Post ’em below:

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