😇 🦄 HOW TO FIND A MENTOR. So many people ask me about this. 🦄 😇

A girl asked me how to find a mentor after my talk last week.

I told her to write down the 30 smartest people she knows, email them to tell them they’re in the top 30 (compliment), then ask them to introduce them to a mentor as you’re looking for one.

Many will offer to mentor you themselves. Direct industry qualifications are preferred but essential.

One of my mentors is a Canadian in real estate and biohacking, but because he’s not in my world, he can see things from a 10,000 degree view, and can boil things down to the essentials. Also, attempt to spend at least 50% of your time giving value to them (I’m speaking to him about Facebook ads, affiliates, community, and funnels, for instance)

Your mentor should always be super smart and somewhat successful, in my opinion.

Major bonus points if they have done the exact thing you are trying to achieve. I’ve just (as of this week) hired a second mentor that fits this profile. Am paying them for their time, but I’m predicting 5x minimum returns from what they’ll teach me with their team, accountability, etc.

This should be at the top of your priority list if you don’t have one right now. Pay $$$$$ if you can’t get one for free. Don’t not do this. I wish I’d done this way earlier 😬

Comment below with your favorite mentor, or the best thing you learned from a mentor.


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