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In this group you’ve been reading a lot about different techniques and strategies.

Hopefully you’ve been trying lots of them out (If not, you’re going way less than 50% of what you need)

I always try and keep my posts as clear as possible, as I’m aware of the power the learning curve has to make an action, course, or strategy, successful or a failure.

Learning curve definition:

Understand then when you are coming across something new you have to get over the learning curve

Some examples:

- Don’t take for granted the intellectual or technical capabilities of your audience. This is a classic mistake many speakers and writers make. They dive into geek speak, we close the window and dive back into Facebook. Sorry, but that’s just the way we’re programmed. Our brains hate the unknown, and will avoid it where possible

- One piece of advice I give consistent for this building personality brands: Post three times per day on whichever channel you are trying to grow. I’m aware this is a VERY STEEP learning curve, to go from one-three posts a week to 21 per week overnight. This is why I advise not only to write them in advance on a Sunday, but use Buffer to schedule them to go out automatically, it’s unlikely you’ll have the focus and brainspace to remember to put them out in real-time. I’m aware this marginally hurts reach, but to get you started, in the spirit of “done is better than perfect” it’s a solid strategy

- Deciding what your core offering is. If you’re a coach or consultant, start easy then work up to the harder stuff. If you overwhelm your audience too soon, they will feel stupid and then resent you for it

- Tied to this, you can never use language that is too simple, or sentences that are too short. Sad to say: For many people. reading a big article has a steep learning curve

- I’ve tried countless times to “get into” meditation, but found my thoughts never stopped flooding for the entire 10 minute session (A 20-minute session would turn into a nap) and I felt no different whether I did it or not, even if doing it consistently.

I had quiet reservations the whole thing was a bit of a sham. THEN I did a floatation tank (described as “meditation on steroids” and left after now hour with a completely clear head. It short-circuited what could have taken me months or years of consistent practice, and basically flattened the learning curve.

I immediately found meditation easier, and will re-up floatation tank sessions to have a consistent reset on the thousand thoughts in my head

- Ditto the personal development courses I did at Landmark Forum. Instant, overnight, lasting results which profoundly changed my life. Call me a brat but these are the sort of immediate results I want

- Additional point: I’ve yet to truly hit my “floatation tank” or “landmark” moment with diet or exercise. I do ’em to the best of my ability, but have yet to have an overnight success in trying any practice in either of them. I eat 99% real food, I jog, I do weights, I sleep enough- very incremental changes only so far. Any tips or secret sauce in the comments much appreciated

- Basically anything new will have a steep learning curve, which, generally speaking, can only be solved by consistent contact with whatever it is you’re scared of.

It might be talking to the opposite sex, doing sales, managing people, eating healthy food (look, it just doesn’t take as good as fast food, no matter what you say- and I’m a person who rarely eats fast food- that shit is designed to flood you with Dopamine and all sort so f other awesome chemicals- I legitimately think more people should acknowledge how tasty McDonalds is, they’ve spent decades manipulating those chemicals to fool you, and likely indoctrinated you as a child through birthday parties, put respect on their name for that)

  • Where are you struggling with the learning curve in your life?
  • - Where have you noticed it?
  • - How can you flatten the learning curve for your customers?



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Traffic and Copy

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