Blazing new trails to developer success with Atlassian, GitHub, and Salesforce

Learn in-demand developer skills such as agile teamwork, continuous delivery, and source code versioning, plus the latest Salesforce technologies on Trailhead.

You might already know that Trailhead is the fun way for everyone to learn Salesforce, but have you heard that Trailhead first got its start in 2014 by blazing new trails to in-demand developer skills? Since then, admins and users of all stripes have also come to consider Trailhead as a touchstone for learning the skills they need to take their careers to new heights. No matter where the path may lead, developer success is still deep in our DNA.

There’s never been a better time to be a Salesforce developer

Fast forward to today where being a Salesforce developer is one of the top 10 jobs of the year according to Indeed. Read more about the awesome opportunity provided by the Salesforce economy via the articles below.

And now, with the exciting introduction of Salesforce DX, developers can look forward to a fully reimagined way to build, deploy, and enhance customer apps people love on the Salesforce platform. Whether you’re writing your first Lightning component, celebrating your latest superbadge win on Trailhead, or putting the finishing touches on that beauty of an app, Salesforce is in lockstep with your business and career goals.

So what’s coming up on the horizon for developers?

Announcing new Trailhead badges from Atlassian, GitHub, and Salesforce

Trailhead is committed to empowering developers to reach new heights of productivity, which is why we’re thrilled to open the Trailhead Platform to new content from two of the top developer companies in the ecosystem — Atlassian and GitHub. Thanks to the combined brainpower of Atlassian, GitHub, and Salesforce, Trailhead is laying more groundwork for your career with brand new badges covering essential developer skills such as agile teamwork, continuous delivery, and source code versioning. Get ready to build customer apps fast, Trailblazers!

Learn Git basics with GitHub

Seamless collaboration and source code management are vital to the success of every developer team — just ask GitHub’s 22 million community members who are working together on some of the world’s most important technologies. That’s why we’re excited to collaborate with GitHub on the new Git and GitHub Basics badge on Trailhead. This badge will teach you how to use Git for version control along with GitHub’s workflow and collaboration best practices to help you take your apps to the next level.

Get agile with Atlassian

Another vital skill set for app development is agile teamwork which is why we’re tapping into Atlassian’s excellent command of continuous delivery for two new badges: Agile Basics and Agile Frameworks (Scrum and Kanban). Atlassian, a leading provider of agile software, is wholly invested in educating developer teams on agile development. These new badges empower you to build, deliver, learn, and adjust as efficiently as possible so you can create apps that your customers love.

Build customer apps people love with Salesforce

Once your team is humming along thanks to all those helpful new skills, you’ll wow your users with the creativity you’ll unlock while playing with the hottest Salesforce technologies, such as Salesforce DX, Einstein Vision, Platform Events, and Quip and Salesforce Integration.

Customers love smart apps―and so do cats 🐈

Another way to boost productivity―and a core tenet of Trailhead’s philosophy―is by amping up the fun. With that in mind, try your hand at this brand new Trailhead project, Build a Cat Rescue App That Recognizes Cat Breeds, to help Muenzpraeger’s Home for Wayward Cats place cats in their furr-ever homes. In this project, you’ll learn how to build a Lightning component and wield Einstein Vision to analyze cat photos and identify the breed of each cat. Harnessing the power of image recognition to build AI-powered apps has never been this fun.

Time to hit the trail

Through Trailhead, companies like Atlassian, GitHub, and Salesforce are leading the way by providing teams with the tools and skills they need to build the future. So whether you’re hoping to fine tune your team’s productivity or experiment with the latest Salesforce tech, you know which badges to tackle on Trailhead. Go ahead and click the ❤️ icon on any tile to favorite the badges you plan to conquer later…maybe during a team badge-a-thon? Remember, a team that blazes trails together, stays together.

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