Did Someone Say Trailhead Keynote?

Dreamforce ’17 is nearly here and we’re thrilled to announce the Trailhead keynote!

We’ve got a fever and the only prescription is MOAR TRAILHEAD!

Update 11/8/2017: Watch the Trailhead Keynote recording here! Then tweet about what #trailheart means to you.

Join us on Tuesday, November 7 from 4–5pm and be the first to hear exciting new announcements as the team drops the mic on all things Trailhead.

we we we so excited

You’ve come a long way, Trailblazers

Can you believe it’s been three years since Trailhead was born? It was originally launched with just 3 trails and 11 badges, as a single slide in the Developer Keynote at Dreamforce ‘14.

Trailhead circa October 2014, with 3 trails and 11 badges.

We’ve come a long way since then. There are now 60+ trails, 275+ badges, 8+ superbadges, and MOAR product innovations every month. Plus, in case you hadn’t heard, we recently made learning even more fun by bringing expert-led classroom learning and certifications into the Trailhead family. So now you have more learning adventures to choose from!
We reached a huge milestone earlier this year with 10 million challenges completed and 2.5 million badges earned (we couldn’t have done it without you!). There’s a whole host of new features to explore — superbadges and trailmixes anyone?

Now, Trailhead is everywhere — especially at Dreamforce

Trailhead at Dreamforce was already going to be epic — check out this vid where Sarah Franklin and I share the deets. But now it’s going to reach legendary proportions with the inaugural Trailhead keynote.

Psst, the secret’s out…

Trailhead is getting bigger and better. “How can it possibly get any better,” you say? Well, we’ll be telling you all about it in the keynote!

What’s next on the product roadmap? What new features can I look forward to? What new badges can I earn? For answers to these questions, and so much more, secure your place now.

“The Torman” - A dance of joy that happens every time someone signs up for the Trailhead keynote

Seriously, you don’t want to miss this one. If you’re a new Trailblazer, you’ll learn why Trailhead is going to become such a key part of your career. If you’re already blazing your way up the ranks, you’ll learn how the adventure is about to get even more exciting. Come along and discover:

  • Key features, through expert-led demos
  • How to connect with a global movement of Trailblazers
  • Why Trailhead is going to reinvent learning at your company
  • Innovations on the Trailhead roadmap
  • The secret sauce behind Trailhead
  • And maybe even a surprise announcement or two…

Hear from a troop of Trailhead experts

And the lineup? I’m delighted to be presenting alongside this team of Trailhead superstars:

Sarah, Kris, Samantha, Adam, and Chris
  • Sarah Franklin, GM of Trailhead & SVP of Developer Relations — our fearless leader
  • Kris Lande, VP of Trailhead & Admin Marketing — keeping you all in the know
  • Adam Torman, Senior Director, Product Management, Trailhead — making corporate learning fun
  • Samantha Ready, Senior Product Manager, Trailhead — building new features into the app
  • Chris Duarte, Editor-in-Chief, Trailhead — keeping Trailhead weird

Where the magic happens

If you’re still reading and haven’t made your way to the registration page yet, then hop to it. You wouldn’t want to miss out. I’m honored to be part of this panel of Trailblazing pioneers, and I look forward to sharing the magic with you.

  • When: Tuesday, November 7
  • Time: 4:00–5:00pm
  • Where: San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Yerba Buena Salon 9
  • Haven’t done it yet? Register here
  • Can’t make it in person? Stream the event live