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Get hands-on with Salesforce DX — Take the Emerging Tech for Developers bootcamp at TrailheaDX ‘18.

3 days to develop a full, practical understanding of Salesforce DX including the completion of a real-world case study project? You can’t get much more hands-on than that!

Update: Full bootcamp agenda can be viewed here.

As a Salesforce Master Instructor, I am pretty excited about Salesforce DX, a new way of working for Salesforce Developers and Administrators. With it, you now have access to a set of tools that allows you to work natively in ways that professional developers are already familiar with (Source Control, Continuous Integration and Delivery). It also enables you to work better with other parts of the Application Lifecycle including, deploying controlled versions of your metadata in something called “Second-Generation Packages”, as well as so much more.

Some of you may have already heard me talking about my love of Salesforce DX in my “Hands-on Training: Build Your First Salesforce App Using Salesforce DX” Dreamforce ’17 presentation, during which I demonstrated the basics of Salesforce DX like how to create a Scratch ORG and pushing/pulling metadata.

Well, now it’s time to take that to the next level!

New for TrailheaDX ’18 (March 25–27, San Francisco) is the ultimate experience pass. Not only will you have access to the 2-day conference, but you can also add a 3-day learning bootcamp. There are 8 tracks to choose from, but (of course!), I’m recommending mine.

When I was asked to build the Emerging Tech for Developers bootcamp, I remembered the frustrations I myself had experienced when I was learning OOP. Most of the examples were about a Shape class with sub-classes named Rectangle or Triangle, or the Animal class with sub-classes like Dog and Cat…

These examples make things pretty clear and easy to understand, but what does it really mean? I was always left wondering how I could apply all this to a real-life? I wanted to see some real business cases. I wanted to know how to convert that knowledge into practical experience that I could use in my job.

The same thing happened when learning Salesforce DX, the concepts make sense, but how do I really use this in everyday life? The Emerging Tech for Developers bootcamp will help you better understand that. We’ll study topics like Source Control (Git flow, master/develop/feature branches, Hot fixes), Source Driven Development, the different types of ORGs (DevHub, Production, Scratch ORGs, Sandboxes), Push/Pull vs. Deploy/Retrieve,Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Visual Studio Code, the CLI, Second-Generation Packages, Team development, and many more cool topics.

Some of you may be asking “Two days on Salesforce DX, but I thought the bootcamp was three days?” Actually, you’re right. As an added bonus, you will also learn about other hot topics like Platform Events, Heroku, and IoT!

Don’t miss out

For full details on the Emerging Tech for Developers bootcamp schedule, check out the agenda. Then register now for TrailheaDX ’18 to secure your seat — if you hurry, you’ll still get early bird pricing and to FREE cert vouchers too.

I can’t wait to share all this knowledge with you all!




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