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Introducing Slack-First Content to Drive Success from Anywhere

We’re launching new Slack badges right on Trailhead, empowering every department — from marketing to sales to service — to unite on one integrated platform, improving productivity and alignment across organizations.

Astro, Codey, and Cloudy dressed in Slack suits and star sunglasses stood with arms crossed in front of foliage. Banner reads: Drive Success from Anywhere with Slack-First Content.
Codey sat on a hilltop with a laptop siurrounded by butterflies. Banner reads: Sign me up for a FREE Trailhead account.

Introducing Slack + Salesforce for the future of work

A computer showing the Slack plus Salesforce for the Future of Work badge content in Trailhead.

Introducing Slack-First content

Get started with Slack, your virtual HQ

Skill up with Slack

The pawsome Slackstro plush!
Cloudy in a baseball uniform about to hit a ball with her bat next to a banner that reads: Quest on with Trailhead Quests for the chance to win fun prizes. Offically rules apply.



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