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Look, GIFs! Also, we updated Trailhead.

We just had our biggest content release to date. And we’re pretty excited about it.

this is the Trailhead Editorial team right about now

We moved some stuff around and added more hands-on challenges

Yes, we did. We moved some things around.

we get it

We retired some content

Some of our stuff just had to go.

We added a bunch of new badges

Oh yeah! Click the New tag at and explore all the new stuff. Make sure you click Modules and Projects to see all the new goodness.

this GIF doesn’t have anything to do with this but it’s amazing

We updated a bunch of trails to Lightning Experience

Admin Beginner, Admin Intermediate, and Developer Beginner trails all now feature Lightning Experience and Lightning framework.

But wait, there’s more

I didn’t even mention that our writers updated all the content for the Summer ’17 release. And for the Visual Workflow fans out there, your writer updated the 3 flow projects on Trailhead to the Lightning framework, too. (Go Sam!) Oh, and we also updated 6 Quick Start projects to the Lightning framework.

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