Introducing New Trailhead Profiles and Social Login

Now Your Reinvented Resume Follows You Wherever Your Journey Takes You

By Sarah Franklin, Senior Vice President, Dev Relations, and General Manager, Trailhead

Trailhead is revolutionizing Salesforce education and empowering anyone to get a job in the digital economy. After all, there is no shortage of demand for Salesforce skills. According to a research report by Burning Glass Technologies, there were more than 300,000 job postings over a recent 12 month span (July 2015-June 2016) asking directly for Salesforce skills. And our Trailblazer community has been busy obtaining these in-demand job skills, collecting more than 1.2 million badges and crushing nearly 4.7 million challenges to keep moving forward in their professional journeys.

Introducing New Trailhead Profiles

When we launched Trailhead, we were eager to help Trailblazers reinvent their resumes for the digital economy. We are thrilled to announce that we are giving Trailhead profiles a makeover to better reflect each individual’s entire professional journey. Every Trailblazer’s story is unique, and their profile should celebrate all of their hands-on experience and skills. So in addition to a list of completed badges, profiles will include all of the points earned from Trailhead challenges; the number of trails completed; and personal information such as job history and product expertise — showcasing a well-rounded view of that journey.

New Trailhead Social Login

Trailblazers are defined by their hands-on skills and we wanted to ensure that profiles stay with them no matter where their journey takes them. To that end, we are also delighted to announce Trailhead’s brand new social login capabilities, allowing people to sign into Trailhead via Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, ensuring that if they leave a job or an employer, their points and badges always remain with them.

Take Selina Suarez for example, a Trailblazer who has made a career out of Salesforce consulting. Selina is passionate about education equality and she believes that, “We can use the power of Trailhead to improve our careers, yes, but we can also use the power of Trailhead to give back to our communities.” Selina is committed to building out her Salesforce admin skill-set and finds 20 minutes here and there to learn and master new skills on Trailhead. She has worked as the Director of Salesforce Projects at INVISR and prior to that as Director of Salesforce Initiatives for New Leaders for New Schools. We are certain that Selina’s mission of creating education equality will lead to many different roles in her career and we are so thrilled that her Trailhead accomplishments will always be with her throughout every step of her journey thanks to Trailhead’s new profile and social login capabilities.

Why This Matters For Employers

It is no secret that the Salesforce Economy has never been stronger and the opportunity for Salesforce jobs has never been larger. In fact, according to IDC, Salesforce and its ecosystem will create nearly 2 million jobs by 2020. When we launched Trailhead we recognized that there was a growing gap between the skills people have and those that they need to land the jobs of today and tomorrow. Trailhead is revolutionizing education and providing employers with a workforce that is skilled in the areas they need. Additionally, employers will be able to find the best candidates for any Salesforce related openings by viewing their experience and badges.

Empowering Everyone To Learn The Skills That Lead to Jobs

Salesforce wants to empower everyone to learn and grow their careers no matter who they are. By going beyond the classroom and reaching people wherever and whenever they want, Trailhead is helping people pursue their dream job and chart their own course. Updated profiles and new social login will be revealed on November 21 and are another step on our journey of reinventing the resume and ensuring that Trailhead follows our community throughout their work adventure. Have you started your journey yet? Earn your first badge today by visiting!

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