#ReadySetArchitect: Highlights from Our First Ever Architect Lodge at TrailheaDX ’19

Trailblazers from all walks of life came in droves to the Architect Lodge at TrailheaDX’19 to connect with leading experts, learn about the topics that matter to them most, and, of course, have some fun!

Debra Maranta
Jun 20, 2019 · 5 min read

From the massive interest expressed in the Architect Lodge sessions pre-event, to the record-breaking crowds during the week, you could literally feel the excitement from attendees as well as presenters. There’s no denying that together, we just started something BIG!

Here are the top 10 Architect highlights from TrailheaDX ‘19!

1. We learned to “Think Like an Architect”

There were a ton of amazing Architect sessions at TrailheaDX ’19, but Trailhead Academy Global Master Instructor Amit Malik captured the audience’s hearts and minds with his “Think Like an Architect” session. Pretty sure we just discovered the Tony Robbins of Architects!

2. Certified Technical Architects brought the Ohana spirit!

In the true spirit of Ohana, Certified Technical Architects (CTAs) took time out of their busy schedules to share their mad architecting know-how and skills with knowledge-hungry Trailblazers.

Just to highlight a few of the overflowing theater sessions delivered by our CTAs, Jannis Bott (Systems Partners) covered How to Decide Which Design Decision Is the Best”, Sebastian Wagner (Flow Republic) discussed the “5 Secret Weapons of a Great Architect”, Steve Baines (Forcivity) shared how You ARE an Architect, You Just Don’t Know It Yet”, and Nikkhil Narayanan (Accenture) taught us all the Importance of Solid Design”.

CTA Steve Simpson (Ethos Systems) discusses the CTA Effect” and how Architects can directly impact customer success.

3. Architect Blueprint discussions were the hot ticket

Bookmarks for Architect Blueprint Discussions soared prior to TDX, and the awesome Salesforce events team prepared by working through the night to rearrange the Architect Lodge so even more Trailblazers could attend this session. Two of the most popular sessions included “Patterns for Modern Architecture”, delivered by CTA Suchin Rengan (Salesforce), and Patterns for OAuth/SSO”, delivered by Charly Prinsloo (Sense Corp).

Other big hits included “API-Led Composable Architecture”, presented by Paul Henry and Brandon Grantham; “App Development Patterns for Packaging”, presented by Zayne Turner and Dileep Burki; “Patterns for Sharing & Data Management in Communities”, presented by Vibhor Gaur.

CTA Sovan Bin (Odaseva) delivering “Data Privacy and Impacts of Regulations on Architecture (i.e., GDPR).”

4. The Architect content went both wide AND deep

From theater sessions that were both inspirational and aspirational, to longer Blueprint Discussions around key architectural patterns, all the way to 100-minute deep-dive technical sessions offered in The Extracurricular, a community-built mini-event, TDX’19 offered something for Architects of ALL experience levels!

Trailhead Senior Architect Program Manager, Suzanne Ferguson, tells all in Behind the Scenes at a CTA Review Board”.

5. Ladies Be Architects were in the house!

It’s never a dull moment when Ladies Be Architects leaders Gemma Emmett, Charly Prinsloo, and Susannah Kate St. Germain join the party! This fabulous trio drew large crowds at all their sessions, whether it was Ladies Be Architects: Tips and Tricks for Architect Exam Preparation” or Gemma’s advice for Set Yourself Up for Architect Success”.

Admin Evangelist Gillian Bruce teams up with Ladies Be Architects Leader Susannah Kate St. Germain to discuss the “4 Things Admins and Architects Have in Common”.

6. Trailblazers got expert help on their #JourneytoCTA

Becoming a Salesforce CTA is one of the most transformative career moves an Architect can make. It’s a big challenge with an even bigger upside. At #TDX19, 80+ Trailblazers sat one-on-one with a CTA and got expert coaching for their own #JourneytoCTA.

CTA Ryan Esposto (Deloitte) helps a Trailblazer on her #JourneytoCTA.

7. #Equality remained front and center

To continue bringing attention to the need for greater diversity and inclusion in technology, specifically in the Architect community, newly minted Golden Hoodie winner Susannah Kate St. Germain (Boston Scientific) and Jordan McDaniel (Salesforce) moderated a panel discussion where Trailblazers were invited to share their stories in hopes of inspiring others. After all, everyone can “look like an Architect!”

Trailblazers gather for a quick photo op after the “But You Don’t Look Like an Architect…” panel discussion. Panelists included Natalia Leon, Niki Vankerk, Rebe de la Paz, and Aldo Fernandez.

8. We met Ruth the Architect

It is a very special day when a new character joins the Ohana, and Ruth is no exception. Here to help you achieve your #ArchitectGoals, Ruth is not afraid to use her skills to solve complex challenges. Trailhead Senior Creative Director Domenique Sillett Buxton visited the Architect Lodge to share Ruth’s background with us. Trailblazers immediately embraced Ruth with a flood of welcoming tweets.

Domenique Sillett Buxton inspires Trailblazers to “Scale the Summit with Ruth”.

9. The Architect learning continued at TrailheaDX Bootcamp

Some people just can’t get enough of a good thing, as demonstrated by the 300+ Trailblazers who stayed after TDX to attend either the Application Architect or System Architect Bootcamp. Seeing all the posts of Architect certifications earned at the end of the bootcamps truly made it the Ultimate Experience for everyone involved!

Ruth stopped by to visit CTA Carl Brundage and students during the Application Architect Bootcamp.

10. When it comes to Architects, we’re just getting started!

The best highlight of all is that we are just getting started when it comes to Architects!

Here’s our recommendations to keep the momentum going:

  1. 📚 Join the Architect Trailblazer Community. We’ve posted all the content from TDX’19 here for you!
  2. 🎟 Register for Trailhead Bootcamp in either Gold Coast of Australia (July 22–25) or Barcelona, Spain (September 9–12). We are offering both the Application Architect and System Architect tracks there.
  3. 💻 Get hands-on with your #JourneytoCTA by starting on the Architect Trailmixes!

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Blaze your trail to a top job by skilling up with Trailhead. Discover how Trailhead brings the Trailblazer spirit to everything we do by putting YOU at the center of learning.