Trailhead is MOAR about you than ever before!

NEW features — personalized homepage, self-service account merge…and did someone say vanity URL?

This makeover is fresh!

As a proud member of a team that is utterly dedicated to improving the experience of learning, I know firsthand that Trailhead, like Salesforce itself, is ever-evolving. We pride ourselves on giving you exactly what you want from Trailhead. You ask, and we listen. And you wanted MOARsome features, so you got it!

Not only has the site had a fresh makeover to be more bright, clean, and easy on the eyes, but, as revealed at Dreamforce, you can now check out these hot new crowd-pleasers:

1. New personalized homepage — all about Trailblazer productivity.

The dashboard on the profile page is one of the most visited pages in Trailhead. With so much foot traffic, we wanted to lay out a better welcome mat with personalized suggestions to easily launch you on your trailblazing way. This new “Netflix-style” homepage is your one-stop shop to help you hit the trails faster, as soon as you log in to Trailhead:

  • Get back to what you were doing last with In-Progress Badges, Trails, and Trailmixes.
  • Easily find your next badge to tackle with new curated Suggested for You content, based on your role.
  • Discover the Newest Badges from our latest content releases.
  • See the most popular badges over the last seven days as shown in the new Trending Badges section.
There’s no place like home(page)

We’re going to continue iterating on this page based on your feedback — so be sure to let us know what kinds of categories you’d like to see added.

2. Self-service account merge (yes, it’s finally here!)

This has been one of the most requested and anticipated features to date. We’ve now empowered all of you to merge your own Trailhead accounts quickly and easily — without needing to contact support.

Commencing merging sequence

With more ways to log in to Trailhead than ever, you can now access Trailhead via any Salesforce login you choose, or even through your favorite social network. When you go to your profile Settings, you’ll see a new table called Salesforce Logins. Update this section to ensure your hard-earned badges follow you wherever your trail takes you.

Link as many Salesforce identities as you want to your Trailhead profile. Plus, you can click Connect or Merge under any of the login options: Salesforce, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.

It’s a-merge-ing!

All activity will be copied over from your old account to your new one (excluding any duplicate badges/points, of course). Just note: once merged, it’s irreversible!

So why is this a big deal? If, for example, you only had your work login attached to your account, you could potentially be “locked out” of your Trailhead account and “lose” your Trailhead activity when you move on to your next exciting opportunity. Now, you can not only merge accounts, but you can also connect a social identity or a Developer Edition org to your account so you can keep your account forever, regardless of where you work.

It’s also useful if you’re working across multiple orgs and want your complete Trailhead expertise to show all in one place.

3. Vanity URL to easily link to your Trailhead profile.

Update on 11/29/2017: Vanity URLs are live! Go snag yours now. 😉

Your Trailhead profile is your digital Salesforce resume. It’s THE place for you to show colleagues and employers what you know and what you’ve learned. Now you can create a custom short URL to easily link back to your Trailhead profile.

Grab your preferred URL before someone else does by logging in to Trailhead, navigating to your profile, and updating My URL under About Me.[YOUR NAME HERE]

We’re working on many ideas for more career-oriented features for your profile. The vanity URL will be the first step, giving you an easy way of sharing your profile, whether it’s on your resume, LinkedIn, Chatter, or anywhere else!

ICYMI (where have you been?).

We’re not only helping you be a better Trailblazer yourself, but we also want to empower you to blaze trails together at your company. So in case you missed it, check out these other exciting announcements from the past few months:

Announcing myTrailhead.

Previewed at Dreamforce, myTrailhead will reinvent corporate learning and enablement by extending the Trailhead platform to enable your company to customize the learning environment with your own content and branding, from custom onboarding trails to company-specific enablement skills.

We’re still working on this fabulous new product and will share all the deets as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

Mix things up with a trailmix.

You now have the power to blaze a trail for others to follow. Just like the Salesforce platform is customizable to meet your needs, Trailhead now gives you the power to create your own customized learning paths. It’s like Spotify playlists, but with Trailhead content.

Just mix and match your favorite modules, trails, projects, and superbadges into your own custom trailmix and share it with co-workers, students…you name it. Use it to set your own goals, or to onboard new employees by giving them a curated list of content to work through.

Mix it up

And it’s easy, too. Click Create a Trailmix, give your trailmix a name (which will be reflected in its custom URL) and a description, then click Continue. From there, Trailhead is your oyster. Click on any module, trail, project, or superbadge to add it to your trailmix. Once you’ve created a mix to your liking, flip it to public and share it with anyone by sending them the unique URL.

Empower your teams with Trail Tracker.

An AppExchange app that you can install (for free!) into your production org that enables you to view Trailhead activity at your company, Trail Tracker allows you to assign and track Trailhead badges to help upskill and empower your teams.

The tool was built lightning-fast in another case of “you ask, we deliver.” It’s perfect for running internal competitions to incentivize users to do more, or specific, Trailhead badges, or to even use as part of an onboarding plan.

The new self-service account merge feature is key here, too. Trailblazers signing up for Trailhead using anything except their company Salesforce login would not show up in Tracker. But now, you can simply link your company login to your Trailhead account so your activity shows up in Tracker, showcasing all you know.

Even MOAR personalizations to come.

Look out for more fantastic personalized features coming soon, as we strive to make your Trailhead profile even more resume-ready.

And, as always, we want your feedback! Holla through the Submit Feedback button to the right of all modules if you have any more cool ideas for Trailhead future developments.

Until the next feature release…
Happy trails!