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Our Updates to Ease Salesforce Certification Concerns

We are closely monitoring the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Your safety, health, and well-being continue to be our number one priority.

Mac McConnachie
Mar 20 · 2 min read

We understand that you may have a lot on your mind right now aside from your Salesforce Certification(s), so we have made important updates that will hopefully help ease your concerns around maintenance, exam rescheduling, and online proctored exams.

1. We have removed the April 10th certification maintenance deadline.

Your Salesforce certifications will automatically be maintained for this release cycle. Your certification status will be updated by April 10 and you will receive email confirmation.

Whether you’ve completed your maintenance or have yet to do so, there is no action required and your certification(s) will not expire. If you’d like to continue your learning journey, maintenance modules will still be available to you.

Check out the for all optional maintenance modules.

2. We are waiving all certification exam cancellation and rescheduling fees.

For the safety of the community, many Kryterion exam testing centers are temporarily closed. If your exam testing center closes, you will receive an email from to reschedule your exam at no additional cost.

Learn more about . If you’re concerned about possible future closures, we recommend you reschedule your exam for a later available date, at no cost to you.

Please refer to the to learn more about rescheduling your exam. If you receive a cancellation or rescheduling fee in Webassessor, please to request the fee be waived.

3. Taking your certification exam remotely is now easier than ever.

Online proctoring through Kryterion allows you to take Salesforce certification exams remotely from your computer. To ensure that taking your exam online is easier than ever, temporarily, we are no longer requiring an external webcam.

You can now use an internal, built-in webcam on your desktop or laptop computer to take your certification exam remotely. Learn more about .

Thank you for being a valued member of our Salesforce community. We hope these changes help ease your concerns about earning and maintaining your Salesforce certification(s).

As the situation evolves, we will continue to keep you updated. Sending you support from Team Trailhead.

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