Train Tracks

Tales from rail

Faulkner and Cocaine

Storytelling, my negligent parents, trains, sugar and the South.

When I was eight years old I realized that I wanted to be a writer. But not just any kind. I wanted to be able to tell the kind of stories that seemingly went nowhere but but kept people interested and paid off in bizarre, unexpected ways.

Born 1978. Died 2014. Quit your laughing.

When a favorite icon becomes a dated relic

To avoid disappointment everyone should die before they turn 35. Or maybe…

Those Graceful Hands

A large man in a small seat

“Please stand back from the edge. Please be mindful of the yellow line. Please form a queue. Please be patient. Please

Toytrain ride in Darjeeling

A promise to keep

I remember as a child how much I enjoyed my trip to Darjeeling. I guess during those days, one had to travel on his own…

Flickering Light

The search for an escape.

It’s a Tuesday morning, but does it really matter? It’s the same every morning. The same faces on the platform. He was better…

The Train Incident

Right place, right time

It's past noon, and I'm still in bed. I discuss in my head why I should get up, but convince myself it's alright to stretch out a little longer. I guess the lull of winter is taking its toll on me. It's only the second week of January and I'm already dreaming of spring. I allow myself another half hour more, but no longer than…

I am a de-railed freight train

(talk to the computer)

I am a de-railed freight train. With a computer running the boards.

Sea of Humans 

The alienated feelings of a winter commute 

Somedays, I feel inhuman. This is especially true on a Tuesday in December during my usual, weekly commute to the city for my internship at a magazine.

My journey, Manhattan bound, is nearly the same each week. I wake up at 5 am in the Berkshires, icy, dark, and cold. I press ‘Go’ on the…

My train encounter with a drunk old man

A story of how I judged a man, decided to give him a chance, and learnt a valuable life lesson. All in 15 minutes.

Last night, I was on the train home. My phone had died at this point so I didn’t have my earphones on (which is what I normally did). 1 stop later, an old man boarded at stood right next to me.

“Everybody is Talking About the Weather”

Driving a train in autumn

A couple of years ago, I was waiting for my train back home at the Hamburg Central Station in Germany. While waiting for my train, I met a train driver and I had the chance for a short conversation about his work and the problems he is facing everyday.

Beijing > Xi’an

Beijing West station is huge. It sprawls in a way that western railway stations don’t have room to. Since the Olympics in 2008, entering the station is like passing through…

Austin > Fort Worth

Taking a train in the Midwestern United States isn't a popular option. I'd been warned off the idea a few weeks beforehand by a friend in Dallas who I was hoping to visit…

Paddington > Reading

"Get in!" shouts the guard, blowing his whistle and frantically gesturing at the door of the First Great Western 19:15 to Bristol Temple-Meads (calling at Reading) on…

Gothenburg > Stockholm

At Gothenburg station, on the south-west coast of Sweden on a showery August afternoon, passengers gather for the 14:12 to Stockholm. The train pulls into the station…

Train Tracks
Train Tracks

Tales from rail

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