A Vision Exercise…

Imagining what the world, or a world, would actually look and feel like fully abundant with accessible resources. Are you ready?

What is about to be asked is a much deeper, tougher exercise than you might expect. There are many intellectual and cultural memes to draw upon in thinking about a different world in which we can live and work on our own terms, but actually seeing it is a whole other thing.


There is plenty of money, food, water and shelter, as well as raw materials available in local provinces and across regions.

We have multiple forms of currency to use beyond a monocultural fiat system.

There are truly decentralized hubs through which we can openly create governance, and base it on ecological variants.

Energy creation, use and storage can be had ‘off-grid’ such that living areas areas are self-reliant (microgrids).

The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the water we drink represent some of the healthiest elements in our society.

There are diverse approaches to interpersonal training to help people step into their power, evolving their minds, their bodies and their spiritual selves.

Technology use is balanced, automation removes mundane tasks from daily routine, and apps + platforms represent meaningful and purposeful interactions in physical spaces.

What is the experience like for you in this world? (Sight, sound, sensation, etc.)

What role(s) would you like to play?

What do you see yourself creating or helping to build?

Exile designs, builds and helps capitalize market ecosystems dedicated to supporting people + planet.

Higher Order VC is a next generation venture capital platform with a combined corpus of $244 million to invest in early-stage and late-stage technology + ecological ventures in countries including the US and India.

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