8 Ways To Make Your New Years Resolution Stick

Do you make a New Year’s resolution year after year, yet never succeed to fulfill that goal? You are not alone, in fact only 8% of Americans that set a resolution, actually stick to it. But there are many ways to make sure you work towards your goal week after week. Start by putting your best foot forward from the beginning, and then follow the next 8 steps throughout the year.

  1. Chose a resolution that matches your personality. Are you an adventurer? Think of a goal you have that can be in the outdoors or in a new place. By sticking to your own comfort zone, you are more likely to achieve your resolution. If you need help finding your lifestyle personality, try the Traitify Core assessment.
  2. Look out for obstacles. It’s a good idea to physically write down any obstacles that may stand in your way. You will have something to look back on and remember why you are working towards this goal.
  3. Don’t have a plan B. Make a resolution that you either stick to completely, or you can’t succeed at all. If you have something to fall back on, you are more likely to forget your original goal. Be specific in what you want to do, and leave it at that.
  4. Break it up. Relating to #3, take that single resolution, and break it up into manageable parts. Is your goal to go to the gym 3 times a week? Start off with one time a week, and make your way towards 3 times a week a month or so into the new year.
  5. Start right away. Chose a resolution that you can begin working towards on January 1st. Is your goal to save more in the New Year? Open a savings account and deposit your first amount of money- even if it’s only $25.
  6. Buddy up. Ask around to find someone willing to stick to a similar resolution. Having another person to push you towards your goal will keep it in the front of your mind, and it also helps that most of us have somewhat of a competitive side.
  7. Put money on it. You can use things like DietBet or even trust someone in your real life with a “prize” of sorts if you keep your resolution. Monetary value will keep you going towards your goals — doesn’t everyone want to buy themselves something nice as a reward?
  8. Change your thinking. Don’t give up when your entire life doesn’t change from your New Year’s resolution. Whatever your goal is, it doesn’t need to be a life-changing experience. In fact, keeping it smaller is important and manageable.

Now that the steps are clear and simple, get to making that resolution. Will you be a part of the 8% in 2016?