Available Now: Traitify Dash

We’re very proud to announce the public release of our latest product, Traitify Dash!

After launching our personality API in 2014, we started to get a lot of requests for a self-contained version of our career assessment, so that businesses, small and large, could eliminate the headache caused by traditional assessments and take advantage of our modern, image-based assessment.

Today we’re introducing Traitify Dash, a SaaS product designed to assess your entire organization, generate smarter hiring, and reduce long-term turnover.

When looking at other personality assessments in the market and by talking extensively to many of their customers, we started to ask ourselves a lot of questions. What did they like? What didn’t they like? What was missing?

Traitify Dash has been designed as a full-featured solution from start to finish, and solve the many problems existing in the current assessment market.

Assessment Length

We quickly (no pun intended) found that most assessments were considered long and tedious, often exceeding thirty or more minutes of text-based, multiple choice questions. This length is exasperated in some cases, where results needed to be analyzed and aren’t readily available post-assessment.

Employees and Candidates can be assessed anytime, anywhere.

Traitify Dash is built around our scientifically proven visual assessment. Using the binary choice of “Me” or “Not Me” in response to a series of images, our assessment can typically be completed in under 2 minutes, with immediate results for the user and administrators. No more long drawn out test-taking processes, and no more delays in being able to access personality data.

Taking this a step further, the assessment can be completed anywhere, on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. Say goodbye to scheduling times for your employees to be assessed — simply send them a link they can click at their leisure.

What Now?

The most common complaint we’ve heard about many current assessment platforms is the question of “What Now?” once personality data has been collected. Beyond basic statements about an individual or being able to identify a certain level of integrity they might have, there are really no actionable steps to take the data any further.

With Traitify Dash, the assessment is just the gateway to the next level of hiring and reducing turnover within your organization. For managers and executives, we’ve created an Admin Dashboard that instantly gathers all of your personality data as soon as an assessment has been completed. You’ll not only be able to view their results in an easy to digest visual format but also make that data actionable with our Insights and Analytics pages.

Discover how the personalties of your top performers and a potential new hire align.

Explore your company as a whole to see which personality types resonate most, or even which personalities types are vacant or lacking. Discover the most common personality traits and the effect they have on company culture.

Our Insights page allows you to create custom groups (departments, top performers, etc.) and compare them to individuals, or even other groups. Gather the personality types that bring success to your business, and pit them against potential employees to see how much of a match they might be.

Ease of Use + Price

The final important consideration we took into account when building Traitify Dash was based around making the product simple to use and affordable.

Most businesses don’t have the time or funds to take training and certification courses needed by some traditional assessments, nor do they want to bring in a 3rd party specialist for a one-time analysis of their team.

Following the visual nature of our assessment, Traitify Dash is filled with easy to digest data, making it possible for any administrator to utilize the data from the first time they login to their account. Taking this a step further, we’ve added tools throughout the process to help clarify personality types and traits, and have a dedicated resources page with downloadable assets, as well as a concise video training series.

Easy to digest personality data for both assessment takers and administrators.

It’s also a very quick process to get Traitify Dash up and running. Businesses under 300 employees can even start immediately through our self-service sign up. Using an ATS within your organization? Traitify Dash works seamlessly with Oracle and iCIMS, and more Application Tracking Systems are in our development pipeline.

Regarding cost, we designed Traitify Dash knowing that large companies often have to pick and choose who receives a (typically expensive) personality assessment. For that reason we’ve not only created affordable pricing, but include five times your employee headcount as candidate assessments. This means our most basic paid plan, covering up to 50 employees and 250 candidates, costs around the same price as a single assessment from some of our competitors. We also offer discounts for annual plans, leaving you with a maximum per assessment cost of only $2.16.

As a business ourselves, we understand that our human capital is our most valuable asset. Nothing is more important that continually building the best team possible, that will fit our company culture long-term. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built with Traitify Dash, and would love for you to take it for a test drive — you can sign up today for free, and see what you and five colleagues think!

I’d love to hear your feedback on Traitify Dash — feel free to reach out to me directly at dan@traitify.com. For more information on all of our personality assessments, please head to traitify.com.