Hack Night!

We want you…to come hack with us!

Quick Details:
Date: Wednesday — February 25th, 2014
Time: 7:00pm EST
Where: Traitify HQ — 101 N. Haven St. Suite #203, Baltimore, MD 21224
What: Hack! Code! Eat pizza and drink beer!

As an API-driven company, and generally made up of innovative, curious individuals, we’re always looking for smart and fun ways to take existing technology and make it do something new and incredible. For these reasons, we are totally amped up to announce Traitify Hack Nights!

It will be a super casual event, where we plan to encourage everyone to hack and code anything they’d like. It will be hosted by one of our own developers, Carson Wright.

When I asked Carson why people should come to our Hack Night, he told me this:

“If you want to just have some fun with people who like to code then come, if not then don’t”

Ummm. Wow. Well if that didn’t sell you on our hack night, how about FREE BEER?

That’s right! We’ll have some pizza, beer, soda, and swag. We really want to make this a fun event, and hopefully will become something we do every couple weeks. We want you all to come, let us know what you like, and what we could do in the future to make them even better. We want the entire Baltimore tech community to pile into our office, collapsing the building, and crushing everyone in a pile of magical rubble.

That idea is probably as good as Carson’s quote, but you get where I’m going with this. Come, hang out, hack something brilliant, and grab a slice of delicious pizza.

We even have this awesome poster!

Awesome poster by Dave Volpe (@davevolpe)!

We hope to see you at Haven Street on the 25th! If you think you’re going to come, tweet us at @traitify to help us get a head count! Have some ideas or questions? Send them via twitter as well!

Let’s hack.

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