How to spot a fake entrepreneur

They’ll start by telling you that they’re working on a “super secret project in stealth mode”.

They’ll speak in buzzwords to sound smarter than you.

They’ve worked with “tens of companies” but can’t say who they are (again, stealth mode).

They have a second office in another country.

They drive a super expensive luxury vehicle.

They try to promote the accomplishments of others as their own.

They fake their background expertise and credentials including their degrees or diplomas.

They’ll make you feel inadequate.

You’ll start questioning yourself.

You’ll worry about your background, experience, and expertise.

You’ll contemplate your life choices.

You’ll start asking…

“How is this person so busy and so successful?”

“Am I doing something wrong?”

“Am I an imposter?”

“Do I need a better office, a better car, an office in another country?”

“Maybe I should be more like that guy/gal?”


It’s bullshit.

They’re fakes. Phonies. Fugazies.

Just keep your head down. Work hard. Work smart. Execute.

Let your work and the word of mouth of your peers and project partners do the talking for you.

Special thanks to Valéry Goulet from valerydesignwrks and our numerous discussions around this topic. Shout out to Josh Steimle, specifically this article, for providing the inspiration to write this Medium article.
Jason Suriano is the Founder and CEO of Trajectory IQ and author of the book Office Arcade.

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