Friday Reading — The Periodic Table of Investments

*source: Phil Huber, Chief Investment Officer, Huber Financial Advisors

Investing is a life skill and the motto of TrakInvest is to make the user learn to trade in a fun interactive environment. As a virtual stock trading medium, we also want to say investing is very vast medium with a lot of small moving pieces.

Recently, we came across this interesting periodic table by Phil Huber to make us understand the breadth of asset classes, tactics and categories of investment that exist and wanted to share with our audience.

Similar to how the physical universe is created from chemical components, he sees the chances around portfolio management as drawing from a broad pool of investment “elements”. Mix these totally different components along, and you get compounds, structures, and eventually entire funds — An awesomely cool concept if you ask us!

The table of investments created by his team denotes every variety of investment, the first and secondary strategy associated with it, and a colour classification:

Here are the seven objectives that the top letters on each box refer to:

And finally, here are the colours that each block on the periodic table correspond to:

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Happy Investing!

P.S. Views expressed are the opinion of Mr. Phil Huber and may not be the universally accurate depiction of portfolio management.