What is a TRAK token? How will it be used and how will investors benefit?

TrakInvest Token (‘TRAK’ token) is a utility token that will be utilized to perform 3 major activities on the Platform

1) Tokenizing reputational system- Under this, when a trader on TrakInvest performs well and gets a high TI score, he or she automatically moves to the top of the leaderboard as a top trader (trader to follow). So when a novice trader comes on the platform and has no idea how to trade, he/she can simply follow the top traders recommended by our AI tool and get to know the trading insights by following the techniques of an expert trader. To do so, the learner or the novice trader pays the expert a token fee for accessing his/her trade ideas. This creates a rewarding peer-to-peer learning ecosystem that benefits both the novice and the expert traders on the platform and motivates them to perform better.

2) Tokenizing of Certification- The GOTC (Global online trading certificate) is an initiative of TrakInvest to help spread financial literacy and awareness while connecting mass talent with mass opportunities. The GOTC program certifies the user to several high-level standards and benchmarks set by TrakInvest industry experts, so the user can use these as a proven track-record in their career. Earning the certificate demonstrates your capability and confidence in equities trading and investment management. Users can provide this certificate as a proof of their trading performance and skill-sets to showcase their trading history on the platform to employers for jobs or internships, or for gaining entry to college and university courses. So with tokenizing, students can pay for this particular certificate in TRAK tokens and earn the certificate as a smart contract that is non-tamperable, secure form of awarding a degree.

3) Tokenizing data ownership- With 1,00,000+ users trading on the TrakInvest platform, they generate huge amount of trading data and insights that can be fed as inputs to research firms for generating predictive analytics. With tokenizing of data ownership, users will be paid in TRAK tokens, whenever their data is used.

The demand for TRAK token is connected to the demand of the services offered by TrakInvest as each of these services will be paid for in TRAK tokens. TrakInvest offers certification programs and social trading features which will require users to pay for in TRAK tokens. As the number of users on TrakInvest increase, the demand for TrakInvest rises creating a rising demand for TRAK tokens. The rising demand for TRAK tokens benefits the investors as the supply is limited, creating a price rise.

Partcipate in our Pre — ICO sale, visit our ICO website at www.trakinvest.ai , download our whitepaper and read our FAQs to find out more. For questions, write to us on support@trakinvest.com. To engage with our management team, join us on telegram here.

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