What will drive the value of TRAK token?

What will drive the value of the TRAK token? On what exchanges will the TRAK token be listed?

The demand for TRAK token is connected to the demand of the services offered by TrakInvest as each of these services will be paid for in TRAK tokens. TrakInvest offers certification programs and social trading features which will require users to pay for in TRAK tokens.

Rise in the demand for certification programs: The current contracted demand for TrakInvest’s Certification Program is 20,000 students receiving certification at USD 150 / student. Our current pipeline of students represents less than 1% of the annual relevant student population in India looking for job-ready short-term certifications. Given our expansion plans for both India and other countries in South East Asia and Middle east, the projected demand for Certifications in 2018 is 4x the current demand.

Rise in the demand for social trading data: The Platform currently has 100,000 tracks being performed by the current user base for no monetary incentive. The price per “TRAK” will be the equivalent of USD 1–100 per “TRAK” per month. Given the introduction of the TRAK Tokens we conservatively expect this activity to grow 5x from current levels in 2018.

The projected growth in the total user base is projected to 3x our current levels driven by our launch of the TrakInvest Show Season 2 (India), launch of Siam Commercial Bank Investment Centre and investment labs at Universities in Thailand and India. We expect the projected growth multiples to increase as we roll-out in other countries in the region.

Introduction of the AI Sentiment Tool for equities and cryptocurrencies available to retail and institutional investors and the introduction of the marketplace will represent “upside” case of demand for the TRAK Tokens.

TrakInvest is considered as one of the top legit ICOs of Q4 2017 and our team is constantly working hard to make sure that all our participants get the advantage of TRAK Tokens. For this, the TrakInvest team is looking to list the TRAK tokens in various exchanges across different regions so that all our investors across the globe can benefit from this initiative. We will be announcing our list of exchanges, once our ICO has ended.

Partcipate in our Pre — ICO sale, visit our ICO website at www.trakinvest.ai , download our whitepaper and read our FAQs to find out more. For questions, write to us on support@trakinvest.com. To engage with our management team, join us on telegram here.

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