Day 5: Salida to Lake City

So… That Bluetooth keyboard I bought became a casualty of yesterday’s fiasco, so it’s all thumbs from here on out.

We woke up pretty early this morning, around 5:30a MST. After drinking some coffee, we hit the breakfast bar and got some biscuits and gravy. After eating breakfast and drinking more coffee, it was time to fix the damages to our bikes.

I had to repair my odometer cable (completely detached), bend/reshape my hand guards, replace missing bolts, tighten my rear spokes, and refill the coolant. After that, I walked to Walmart and got some tools, Scotchgard, and walkie talkies (just to be safe…)

We got loaded up and headed to O’Reilly to get some oil. James’ bike burnt a half quart of oil yesterday and needed to be replenished. After that, we were on our way to Lake City, CO.

We passed through some beautiful scenery. From hills and plains, to rocky bluffs, to fields separated by streams full of trout (and fishermen). Everything was going great until we were about 20 miles from our destination.

James’ rear wheel bearings failed and he had to limp it into town. Meanwhile, I had gone ahead to try to find anyone in this small town to fix it. We both headed to Charley’s garage after a recommendation from the folks at the Town Square lodge. Long story short: Charley can fix it, but the closest parts are in Gunnison, 55 miles away.

There was only one option: I would ride through the storms to Gunnison to pick up the parts and come back. 2.5 cold wet hours later, I was back in town. In the mean time, James got us a cabin. I was freezing and had to huddle by the heater to warm my bones.

James was so kind as to buy beer so I had a few, took a nice hot shower, then we headed over to the saloon for dinner. I had an Italian beef sandwich, dipped in au jus. It was pretty dang tasty.

After dinner, we did laundry and channel surfed for a while. Tomorrow morning we will be going to Charley’s at 9a. Then, we are headed over Engineer Pass to Ouray, then to Telluride, and finally to Dove Creek. We ended the day with cigars on the front porch.

Tomorrow should be fun. No whammies!

I’ll upload more pics when we have access to Internet.