Day 6: Lake City to… Lake City?!?!

I’ve been waking up at 530a every morning, today was no different. After drinking some coffee, I got some brake fluid and bled my brakes. James went over to Charley’s to get his wheel bearings changed. I took this time to shower and pack. James was back before I knew it, and it was time to head to Dove Creek.

We headed out and went over Engineer Pass. I’m not going to try to describe it because words can’t do it, and neither can pictures. Then we split off and came down Engineer Mountain Trail. The latter was pretty rough, but we made it through.

The plan was to go to Ouray, then pick up Imogene Pass and head to Dove Creek. We made it to Ouray and had lunch at the Backstreet Cafe. Got a huge rueben, and it was awesome.

We then headed back up and got on Imogene… And then I had flashbacks of rainbow trail. We both agreed this was dumb, and turned back. After talking to mountain bike woman champ, she told us to go north and hit the higher trail of Imogene. We also ran into a guy riding 2-up and he said “just follow the trail and stay right” so we did.

Again, we ran into a mess. We backtracked multiple times before sitting down and questioning if we were having fun….

We decided that it would be best to start the process of getting back. We went back over the million dollar highway into Silverton and it was a blast. Then we went back to Lake City via Cinnamon Pass. It was awesome. I could spend days here exploring.

We had dinner at Packer’s, which was pretty dang good, then walked back to our cabin.

Tomorrow we head back to Salida (or farther). No rainbow trail. Ever again.

Picture album here: