Day 7: Lake City to Salida

We woke up and started the day by looking over our bikes. As it turns out, mine has some issues: 2 broken spokes on the rear wheel. Being as that there were no parts shops until Salida (and even then, I had no idea if there was or not) the only option was to make sure the spokes were tight and carry on.

We had breakfast at a local place. The owners were Hawaiian and so all the menu items had a Polynesian flair. I just wanted eggs, bacon, and toast. James had eggs, bacon, and pancakes. After that, we set off back through the mountains and forest.

About halfway through Gunnison Forest, it started not only raining, but also hailing on us. It’s just one of those things I guess. Like many of the other unfortunate events that had transpired, the only option was to keep moving forward, so we did.

By the time we got to our next turn to head to Sargents, my rear wheel was wobbling all over the place. I stopped, tightened them again, and we headed to Sargents. After filling up, it was pretty clear we were going to be rained on again. The difference this time is that we’d be going over Marshall Pass, at over 10,500 ft elevation.

As James would say, “there’s no time like the present” so we headed over the pass. As we climbed, it got colder and we got soaked. Unfortunately the clouds covered most of the good views. We also ran across about 20 big horn sheep, which was pretty cool.

The plan was to camp in Salida, but since all our gear was soaked, we stayed at the Super 8. After getting settled in, we went next door to “The Bounty” and had their prime rib special.

After dinner we did some laundry and smoked some cigars. After many issues with the TV remote, we finally got a working one. I passed out around 9 MST. One more day…