Day 8: Salida to Trinidad

We woke up and after looking at some of the GPS tracks, I was pretty certain we could make it to Trinidad.

We started the day by heading to the local O’Reilly to change our oil. Unlike normal motorcycles, dirt bikes need their oil changed much more frequently. This, of course, was not without some type of issues (nothing ever goes according to plan, as we’ve found). One of the bolts that held the oil filter cover on James’ bike wiggled itself to a place in the engine that we just couldn’t find. Without that bolt, oil would likely be flowing everywhere. Thankfully, James brought a bolt kit (which we have already used in this trip to repair the damages brought on by Rainbow Trail) and he found a bolt that fit.

After the oil change, we headed back to the hotel to pack up and set out. Today would be about 220 miles on the dirt, but a lot of it would be high speed. High speed dirt… heh.

We headed out of Salida on US50 and once we hit Cotopaxi, went south on CR 1A, then hung a right on CO 69 to continue to head south. Eventually we cut back off on to dirt roads that led us through pastures and ranches with great views. We even saw some Buffalo.

After hitting Westcliffe, we headed through what’s known as the Wet Mountains range in the Rocky Mountains. This path lead us through the San Isabel National Forest, and we had some great views heading back.

It was just a beautiful day to be riding, and we were lucky, because today was gonna be a long day. After hitting La Veta, and stopping for gas and a slice of pizza at the Sinclair, we headed out toward the Spanish Peaks Wilderness of the San Isabel National Forest. Again, amazing views, even if the pass was a little rocky.

We took Cordova Pass to traverse the mountain range and after coming down, we were on our final trail to the truck in Trinidad.

James posing at the top of a mountain.

Since we were out of the mountains, the trail to Trinidad was long and straight. We easily hit 65mph on these dirt roads. You get used to the bars just kind of ‘floating’ in your hands.

After we got to Trinidad, we loaded up the truck and hit the road at around 5:30p MST. Our destination was Oklahoma City. We arrived at the hotel groggy, tired, and ready to sleep at around 2:30a CST. We finally went to sleep around 3am… just to wake up the next day at 8am.

That story to come soon.

But most importantly… I had some Crystal Pepsi.

Tastes like childhood.