Disciplinary Action

Erotic short. Russ stays late after work.

Johannes T. Evans
Trans Erotica
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10 min readMar 9, 2021
Photo by Sora Shimazaki via Pexels.

Explicit M/M erotica between an older cis man and a younger trans man. Dry humour. Includes age gap, boss/employee relationship, spanking, nipple play, painplay, teasing, implied overstim, oral, implied PIV.

For the trans man, terms used are chest, cunt, cock, clit, lips, folds. He wears a binder and reference is made throughout to weird body effects of being on T, including use of oestrogen gel.

It’s late in the evening when Russ walks down the corridors with the patron surveys from the day in his hands — once the library closes up, it’s the last thing he likes to get done at the end of the day, scanning them onto the system so that they can be looked at alongside their book usage stats at their reviews with the council.

Most of them use the computer system directly now, so there’s never too much to sit down and type up when it comes to the notes sections, but even when Russ has typed them up, Xander likes to see the hard copies, likes to flick through them before they’re shredded.

He prefers paper.

There’s a surreal quality to walking through the library at night, when the main doors are closed and the lights are down in all the meeting rooms and the library proper, but it isn’t the darkness that’s strange so much as the silence. He’s used to hearing quiet chatter from the meeting rooms, whether they’re being used by patrons or local groups, used to hearing shuffling steps through the different archives and hallways, used to the hum from the lights, used to all of it.

Libraries are quiet places, but there’s such a thing as too quiet.

When he steps into Xander’s office, at least, there’s noise: some selection of Purcell is playing on the radio, and Xander is humming quietly to himself as he stands at the window, stroking his fingers over the back of Aphrodite’s head and swaying on his feet.

Russ looks at him from behind, at the way his arse and muscled thighs fill out the fabric of his trousers, the way his shoulders ripple under the light grey wool of his cardigan. Lysander is a tall man, square and lean, exercises a lot more than a lot of men his age, and some of the other librarians have talked about his body…



Johannes T. Evans
Trans Erotica

Gay trans man writing fantasy fiction, romance, and erotica. Big on LGBTQ and disability themes, plus occasional essays and analysis. He/him.