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LGBTQ A New World

Finding Personal Pleasure in a New Way as Trans Girl PreOpt

Personal Pleasure take on a whole new meaning nowadays, the idea of what it was pre-transition was completely different from the way that I experience pleasing my body now 3 years later. The experience is all different and honestly, “I would have never even considered the difference until I tried it.”

So like what did I do differently you might wonder?

So like, let me take you back to pre-transition and actually through my first 2–3 years of experiencing romance and tell you exactly what has changed. Why…




LGBTQ+ Where you can join in and read about all sorts of stories from so many different groups of people. All in positive ways.

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Primarily Talking About Trans folk Topics and LGBTQ+ Support. Occasionally off-topic for other matters. “She/her”

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