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Trans Women Similarities to Cis Women

Okay, so a lot of people out there really criticize trans women and say they're not women which has just gotten under my skin so bad. So I want to highlight some commonalities between a trans woman and a cis woman.

However, let me reiterate that I am in no way taking away the rights of a cis woman but more trying to give an understanding of how a trans woman is accepted as a woman. So to do so I have had to break things down in comparison. So basically this is going to be similarities and things that are identical but not specified.

What I want you to do is decide in your opinion if trans women deserve the right to be treated as women even though we will never be cis. Not all trans women will experience everything but many might or do. I’m going to use post-opt, trans women, as this has the highest comparison even though all trans women are women in my opinion.

Visual seen as a woman: Women/Trans women

Have breast: Woman/Trans women

Cramps: Woman/Trans women

Tender breast: Woman/Trans women

Period bleeding: Women

Guys/girls hitting on us: Women/Trans women

Guys/girls opening public doors: Women/Trans women

Possible Victim of physical violence: Women/Trans women

Possible Victim of Rape: Women/Trans women

Guys/Girls staring us down likely based on attraction: Women/Trans women

Childhood trauma: Women/Trans women

Experience teenage womanhood: Women/ some Trans women assuming they were allowed to change before becoming adults.

Wear bra: Women/Trans women

Wear panties: Women/Trans women

Have babies: women*

Have Uterus: women

Have orgasms: Women/Trans women

Required mammogram: Women/Trans women

Attracted to men: Women/Trans women

Attracted to women: Women/Trans women

Wish we could have kids: Women/Trans women

Pay for surgeries to Transition: Trans Women

Born Cis woman at birth: Women/intersex**

Born intersex: Women/Trans women

Needs paps: Women/Trans women

Nails done: Women/Trans women

Use female restroom: Women/Trans women

Possible attacked if using mens restroom: Trans women

Gossip: Women/Trans women

Hairless body: Women/Trans women

No Beard: Women/Trans women***

Vaginal wetness: Women/Trans women *€

Vaginal canal: Women/Trans women

G spot inside: Women/Trans women

Identification says female: Women/Trans women

Birth certificate corrected to female: Tran women

Considered female if arrested and jailed: Women/Trans women

Must follow all laws related to females: Women/Trans women

Married and allowed to change their maiden name: Women/Trans women

Disrespected by men for not being born cis: Trans Women

Has ovaries: women

Has feminine voice: Women/Trans women**€

Treated as female until public outed or you reveal yourself: Trans women

Most people can’t tell the difference visually: Trans women

May have stalkers: Women/Trans women

Get creepy vibes from some people: Women/Trans women

Many fears enhanced: Women/Trans women

Reactions from any arguments like female: Women/Trans women

Susceptible to loud sudden noises: Women/Trans women

Heightened sense of smell: Women/Trans women

HRT therapy: Trans Women Experience childhood female puberty: Women

Experience breast growth: Women/Trans women

Descriminated by men: Women/Trans women

The mentality of a female: Women/Trans women

* Make note of not all women are able to.

* Intersex who was identified as having female parts dominate at birth and later grow up still female will still be considered women. * Early transition Trans women may still have beards that are in the removal process. Post-opt Trans women likely have no beards anymore.

*** Early transition Trans women may still have beards that are in the removal process. Post-opt Trans women likely have no beards anymore.

*€ There are so much more details on this outside this article.

**€ This is a touchy subject but some do and some don’t. However, like me, many achieve a natural female voice.

Mmkay, so like I’ve listed a lot of what I can think of, if you can think of anything else please add it. If you disagree with anything please challenge it. However, some of this is from My experience and others not.

Again this is by no means putting women down at all just trying to clear up the waters about how

Trans women should be accepted as women or at least recognize our similarities to not be discriminated against.



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